Wondering about the rest

There is a general accepting of circumstances anywhere in the world creating a person’s moment in time as suddenly ‘craving’, almost desperately wanting just the right kind of contact.  Here, the internet and all the communication technology it includes is both saviour and pitfall simultaneously.

In understanding what a person can need at this given moment, it is understood the life they live in includes people in immediate family, friends, colleagues, familiar faces of [even] non-persons, a celebrity slice of life in the media this person tunes in to watch, ….and then a kind of wondering about the rest of the world.

In this given moment, the person – or anyone they know, but always one person representing the ‘current low-point’ in any social group is wondering & then craving…

What happens is everything comes down to being something and it either passes uneventfully or it matters and a person may dwell upon it.  In some cases this is tending towards depression – the circumstances this individual is in have no means of vent or outlet.  In a sense here the internet is the driven workaholic tirelessly providing a means.  Also though it is here we find a person may be vulnerable and easily preyed upon.

And so it is wise to formulate what a person wants from their internet experience so that they have a touchstone without necessarily needing the person who provided this thoughtful measure or preparedness for such an event…

In the first instance, the person is wondering… …before any feeling that tends towards depression or malaise, they are simply wondering….  For this reason, and because it will leave them open to the answer from anywhere other than their inner circle, I will call the instance of wondering; …’reeling‘.

Secondly, the person is dealing with a sense of esteem or condescension [depending] and is likely where they will recognise a thing that creates the circumstances – if the tendency is not controllable, they will believe that they [including anything in their present circumstances] cannot deal with this sense…, it escalates.

Thirdly, undergoing this, the person acts out what they think is the right course of action – if they have a computer, they may go on the internet and seek solace in an exchange of words – they may just browse, like window shopping – either way, it is not so much a far cry from the days of comfort eating, self-harming, excessive self-medicating, flirting, or any form of exagerated behaviour that literally deals with those feelings created through alienation, isolation and unrest…  The person effectively becomes averse to what goes on inside them and acts upon it.  The exchange of words in a chatroom could well highlight the person’s vulnerability and so as much as it is a Godsend, it can fairly be deemed to be rife with predators seeking an easy prey….

And so from reeling, to dealing, to action towards righting – the person should come full circle, the circumnavigation should have included experience and encounters both internal to the person’s day-to-day existence, and external as they went ‘outside’ their own affairs to find answers.
   The formula then for this person’s requirements is comprised of recognising everything a person needs & wants at any given moment and making it an accessible means, then encouraging them to express themselves with it.

   When it is clearly reaching out to other people, despite being part of an inner & a social circle of friends – it is probably an issue from outside, or someone else’s issue that the person is encumbered with anyway.

 Someone clearly wants any or all of the following at any given time, because of the established minimum population of earth and what percentage is an ‘out-patient’ with a clinical diagnosis for symptoms pertaining to depression, compulsion, obsessing, and the whole gamut of emotions when running high & causing distress or depression.

Contact – [with a stranger]…

 i/ To speak with an individual who instantly takes up the thread of a conversation and seamlessly blends with the person’s part in it and bolsters with encouragement and proper words that will iconically stand out when used – as if they desire someone else take control through them and hypnotises everybody so they can ‘adjust’ themselves in their social exchange without apparent prejudice, cause or agenda in that situation before reverting with this adjustment to their credit.

 ii/ As above but with more than one person, with a view to sorting it on the spot, with seeing the group use their ‘matter’, the issues brought up as the basis of the exchange and so even if the person plays little part in proceedings, it is as if he/she is the central theme and able to revel in it with a sense of progress and resolution.

 iii/ Physical contact, anything from the slightest touch to a full-on physical encounter – It is this narrator’s opinion that electricity is generated and transferred by physical contact with another person and that a person finding no means of discharge is increasingly prone to symptoms that mirror an electronic device’s overloaded circuitry.

 iv/ Lapse through transfer – just a way to offload, as long as someone is listening the person will continue to offload.


The contact who is a stranger is always better off for the exchange – the person who offloads is always believing this will sort out the issues, the end result is always progress in at least one direction.

In happening to know there are always people needing this formula for relieving the symptoms, I would state there is a likelihood somone will choose these words exactly without editing them, even this bit about not editing them, and they will make them their own, first by pasting them in an editor and then by saving them with a clocked pc – the time date stamp will suggest they wrote it & I copied it at a later date.  Fair enough, more power to you – but they are my words and you make the world an adversary through this practice – those who would object either take a defensive measure – such as a pdf file is more difficult to remaster – and a person who simply voices objection is someone you eventually have to avoid or eliminate or yield to.    As these are my own words, I find it almost impossible to believe anyone could rightfully claim them and so when I reach out to make contact, all this is something I believe in while anyone using this as their own basically has to study it and ultimately I become successful through them – for this reason I am prolific and practice writing as a primary interest where one becomes set at a level where those above me are prolific in their own way and those below fail to succeed with my literature because of the volume I produce (I’ll usually find them through those viewing my literature as a hypocrite – yes, I’ve been there & back).  It actively encourages them to be prolific if they believe there’s anything in it for them…..

   …And so, if you are here and thinking what does this person, namely Christian Hilton, offer in light of these words?  The answer is that you have taken the time to address an issue and reading this may have helped towards it.  If you need more, I will write more, if you need something else besides, I will try put it into words so that you have the answer without really needing more of me.  If you need more of me, consider I am just like you and this is what I do.

If that put the symptoms right back into priority concern though – chances are you’re electrically charged and I am creating static that exacerbates your perception of what is happening to make you feel the way you do.

  I do know for certain that a single brief moment of contact, even just eye contact, can change the way you feel about the world.

So I probably know what you want, need and feel like, just by looking at you.  And I probably change it in the process.

I have to condemn hedonism for this reason as it panders to lust, I have to assert love is the mutual experience and that to ‘feel it’ in solitude is to create the perceived need for companionship.

If you identify with the person from whom you seek companionship and apply this need as something they could automatically fulfil and it is to their liking – take a moment to consider anything other than a lifelong commitment to that companionship thereafter is potentially just creating a rerun of the symptoms.




okay , scenario;

eyes have met –
you’re looking through a schism in reality at another reality that’s intertwining with your own as you engage in conversation…

introductions are made –
the ice has been broken, you are at liberty to say anything.

chat begins to flow –
words will fail you if they don’t convey LOVE, in this context – your warm, accomodating conversational tone.

You can be very verbose and risk going completely over their head or run the risk of letting the chat get too thin on the ground and have it to pick up again.

If it’s [spiritually] right that you will LOVE this person freely and receive their LOVE in a partnership celebrating your feelings of LOVE for one another, there shouldn’t be anything that stands in your way.

Yet words can start tripping you up in classic baboon of oneself making style.

Then you end up talking like Yoda trying to speak your mind without your mindful intention running so far so fast, it’s ‘coming in for a coffee?’ five minutes after you met.

As if two lives that will share LOVE together in the future acknowledge as much the instant they meet – basic human nature for every encounter – and don’t give a moment of thought to the two stooges who turned up for the date – the spirit’s had it away to the future and only time can tell.

The future –

And time is the grind we work to earn, because LOVE is time honoured.


the LOVE you pre-empted is earned back in time [as befitting the way your lives came together]? (turning tongue-tied gibberish into wedding vows e.g.)

Words limit us because the LOVE we feel while talking infuses into our speech and we talk differently so that inexperience cannot go unnoticed.

Our brain’s decision making skills in this context make us reach out for that person’s reality so we may ascertain the level we’ve engaged at.

So, while we’re ‘getting to know’ one another our brains are copping a right good feel of each other and only giving us comparitively very scant conversation to be going on with.

For sure?
It has a familiarity…

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