The End of Wits & Physical Possibility

When you are at your wits’ end you could rack your brains and stay perplexed at something which may have a simple and quite straightforward train of thought embodying it, a loss of the logical grasp though and the mind goes into limbo.

When you are at your physical ends, the object is beyond reach in any way you could use your body & skill.

At this juncture we go back to brains and hope we may be able to work out a solution.  If not, we arrive back at our wits’ end and knowing the answer is not something we can just do, we can get it so bad in the head trying to contend with it.  If this is a human thing and it’s occuring everyday – yet there are new ideas and discoveries all the time, and somehow it is not specifically dependant on intelligence, then what is going on?   
  Take the inventor of the sewing machine, who dreamt the solution to automating the process – his mind & body at complete rest – then the answer came to him.

So in any walk of life, we’re trying to find/understand/realise all the answers and do all the things or make all the things that operate beyond our physical means.
 And we’re probably best approaching anything with a relaxed mind & body, like every thought or gesture comes from a fresh beginning.
 So how is it, that a human’s optimum operating levels are ideally close to a beginning, yet so many people can find themselves at these ends where possibility is limited to such a narrow scope?

Rack your brains with this;

–  Of all things that don’t already have one, what would you put a health warning on?  –

Then ask yourself – If all the things with health warnings ensure I know of the danger, does this mean I have a relaxed & safe passage through life because of the forethought in labelling ‘peril’…?

And so…  What things make me very relaxed about the world and getting along in it?

And, If you know you’re at your best working from a state of rest with no onus or pressure upon you, would you make this restfulness and a freedom from responsibility as your own circumstances…?

  Assuming you would because it is you in a far greater position to take life on, how would you state your case so you retain a job or still have an income – how would you make the transition so you are taking less on but not taking a cut in hours/money?

This is based on the job imposing upon your time, the effort using your energy and putting upon you to accomplish something as a job requirement….
Because, if you knew how to improve the job to a carbon copy process of perfect service in every increment of the job detail – and it would make you rich enough to retire, but require your spare time to accomplish it…., you should not become stressed about it, or the retirement could be spent in ill-health, and later rather than sooner….

If you have to find something that makes your job seem worthwhile – accept that it can be done better and you’re the only person that can improve it….


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