Stars In Their Eyes

   …more precisely your own, I am going to tell you about the ‘looking gems’ you have in your eyes besides the eyes themselves…;

First let us clarify the nature of the thing we’re talking about – gemstones are a material component of the universe. 

The gems in your eyes are molecularly similar to a hydrogen and oxygen base composition, also with mucin, lipids, lysozyme, lactoferrin, lipocalin, lacritin as well as immunoglobins, glucose, urea, sodium & potassium.
  These types of gems are called ‘tears’ and are steadily produced from ducts which perform the job of cleansing and lubricating the eye.  It is like a fine array of particles whose mild action continually cleanses a very polished gemstone.

So, take a look at something and ask yourself if you’re assigning a correct value based on what your eyes are worth to you as highly coveted gems which have continually bestowed wisdom & understanding for you as effortlessly as just standing and staring.

Now, if you have decided upon casting an eye upon the subject and then you’re thinking little of it, consider it still went in your eye and took up a space, along with a little time, on it’s own cerebral perch – maybe it would be worth considering that it should at least be the ‘window cleaner’ & earn it’s keep so that a blink, or the eye watering etc., is all those subjects perfecting your take on reality and being something worthwhile on your route to success.

What this means is that a gem will turn up, it will be in your eye – you will not fail to see it, success will follow.
What this also means is that you are already encrusted with gems 🙂

To use these gems in a new way to regain appreciation of them, because you may find all this simply implausible – simply use thumb and forefinger, below and above the eye (like holding a jewellers’ monocle) to gently hold the upper and lower lids in various partially closed positions and discover the world as seen through so many innumerable facets that you will never experience a dull moment again – once again human you have untold riches without needing another thing (not to mention eyelashes working in a similar way)….

Now, there is another kind of gem also called tears and which is much the same except that you shed them.
  And now that you know this about them being comprised of gemstones, what do you think to never shedding them again, or the experience of shedding them (with [a true emotional] reason) and having thoughtfully [safely] collected them, then either putting them back in your eyes :-or, storing them, making art with them, or putting them to use on someone or something….  hmmmmm…..

   It surely only requires your belief in a viable means knowing where they have been and what they have meant – there must be a latent energy signature – they have been deemed powerful emotional elements for as long as anyone can remember – and the question remaining, that may answer any of those heretofore posed in this weblog, is when you go to sleep, how does your body switch off tear production so that your eyes don’t just run while you lay sleeping and dreaming….., and if they run back into the alimentary, or if it is stopping blinking that halts production, then aren’t dreams made of them because either way the body is undergoing the distinctly different thing to waking, where hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling are still all possible – but seeing is not and yet dreaming is….??

Like…, what is it about the terminology ‘cry my/your/one/~self to sleep’ that carries such a powerful message about people’s concerns for life and the world it’s lived in?  Do they dream of something so very much better [& only because they’re crying themselves to sleep] and even if they don’t recollect a dream, their body triggers crying before sleep at any other time to ensure they get the appropriate rest as a result…..?

;’-) take a look at it through your gems though, really evaluate it……

Oh & this for a glistening listen too




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