It’s not about anniversaries

It’s about when it feels as if there’s a difference & whether that’s a good thing.

I’ve written more on the subject that I haven’t Xanga’d, but this latest thought is an attempt to even be ahead of the person who stays at large by knowing what is done to get ahead of them – this would do that if the elements involved can be grasped and effectively utilised/implemented/manipulated…;



Array:   Each day (a cycle)
          |-{Remembering to pray
          |-{Remembering to pray for Madeleine McCann

Checksum; (includes entire array)

Each day I pray for the safe return of Madeleine McCann – I remember without fail and without trying.

Something serves as a reminder….    Identify & get the ‘something’ …..,

Something = [element of] bedtime routine (leading up to prayer before sleep)
rem: I am seeming to trigger the [‘reminder’] prayer moment as the thing to do once in bed, not specifically depending on the light being on or off, but certainly if I close my eyes and haven’t already prayed.

For now I’ll  call it “campaign legacy” 
  The thing to do is actually ‘get it’ & relate it to other times, places & events, making it true to be like the memory being triggered,

[trigger:] – ‘pray now at this time, remember to mention Madeleine McCann‘ –

    and make the relative subject turn to see me ‘get it’, (as if it has been triggered) the same way I remember to pray… The subject gets what I have now – a clear image of Madeleine McCann behind my eyes without any other reference -so if all the subjects respond to me reaching and turning them to see with this clear image I have, which on the proviso this would illcit a [‘self-aware’] response from Madeleine, it should not require more than a few well connected people to set the wheels in motion and give rise to a person in a location as sure as a jack-in-the-box springs out when you wind the handle…

  I am saying that to identify and get the ‘something’ which unfalteringly reminds me to pray every day now that the ‘something’ is a ‘well-established image of Madeleine McCann’, is to actually reach and get Madeleine, where reach implies a metaphysical grasp of the vital elements in her circumstances betraying whereabouts, culprit etc…
   If I can see something so clearly when I close my eyes and simply envisage it, and the reason for always remembering to pray mentioning Madeleine McCann is not fully known – then the reminder is being key in grasping the vital gen.  The subjects are untrue until they yield what I have an image of – for this reason one might say I should not publish this, but the first instance of attempting this kind of reach is the same thing if you are given to this understanding of it.  It is foremeost in the official enquiry and there is no secrecy about what the investigation is about, so the same here because all subjects once turned to view all their aspects & facets are then behind [that sweep/scan of] the cause.

There’s also the matter of not specifically trying at any given moment, so a person trying to unfound an attempt simply gives themselves away by being evasive.

 I am basically expecting to properly identfy the trigger that always reminds me to pray for Madeleine McCann’s safe return & establish a valid association with Madeleine herself as she may make the same effort to be found every day and so at the same juncture in my day I find I am prompted to ask for her safe return.   Like Madeleine herself is asking to be found and wherever in the world that is, it translates to a reminder that I get at the same moment every day – not the same time, but the same point during a routine (which even makes most sense)….  …..and for exactly that reason I believe I have a vital element becoming more pronounced – just like people can readily recall her facial features from the ongoing campaign, but more acute from this daily observation.

And which I might add, I am completely, instinctively, averse to neglecting!




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