Anyway – the trigger

Continuing to develop the thought that encapsulates a mechanism for causing a reminder and so having the thought for ‘reaching’ into lives and affairs with the express intention of gleaning through this act of divining….

I surmised that no matter what distance seperates e.g. person A & B


If this person sits down….                                                      ……this person feels like he’s been on his feet all day
                                                                                                     and wants to take a load off.

Like there is an instantaneously effective trigger mechanism activating in the brain.   Something also to do with earth’s magnetic fields, gravity and interacting with our bioelectricity while including what specifically connects any two people…

(like one person’s news made the other about-turn in mid-air;  an approximation of the force with which it took place is demonstrable by holding out the fleshy inside of the forearm, and then using the palm edge knuckle of the little finger on the opposite hand in a slow heavy chop to the middle of the forearm – This action as a proportionate force turning the entire body while in motion so it faces the other way).



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One Response to Anyway – the trigger

  1. chaoswone2 says:

    thanks, dude i’ll try that!

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