P.S. Idiot

Just caught part of the Politics Show with the article on ‘booze Britain’ and the reporter earnestly assessing what £20 will buy from supermarkets.  Very good sir – but the answer you were looking for is ‘certain death or a very lucky escape’

Why make a feature showing the sheer volume in bottles of cheap cider/wine/lager available for £20 when the obvious direction this is all going in is quickest route to oblivion.

   And the matter progresses when alcohol is made into an expensive luxury that forces moderation by demanding very high prices and limits ‘cheap booze’ incidents to bootlegging requisitions and home brew misadventure which would be considerably less than the figure currently reported with at least more of an experience [and an education/on the job training] to make it a possibility.

  Push the price up with weaker cheaper stuff taking last place and they’ll soon settle for bubbles on the tongue again, instead of on the brain….


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