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I’m answering tazz66 on the chatboard….

….at present;
@tazz66 – That’s ok, all things being equal though I should address the balance – I do not believe boredom exists & that your route lapsing into what is perceived to be a state of boredom is an onset of muscular or cerebral fatigue, one that signals the need for balance rather than complete rest.  So you did something, but what might you have done if you were well in advance of the changing state and had a host of measures lined up – instead of ‘nothing better to do’?    At least you already have the keyboard at your fingertips, but consider a musical instrument too, a big drawing pad, get Google SketchUp etc.  There’s probably no such thing as idle hands either as it is conceivably just as hard to keep from doing something as not doing….  Think of it as a mess and you’re looking at a cleaning job you may never be able to contend with.  Regard it as a peat bed and you as sowing seeds and it’s flourishing with life & pollinated since the first comment.


…and it leads me to a [usual] train of thought, published here for continuing the speculation and basis for understanding the profundity and possible multi-dimensional nature of perceived existence…;

We, as a universal whole are hurtling along and it is like being in a dark cave – The size of the universe and because of how we have come to understand proportionate to our size possibly means the sun is in fact a single light particle and other matter that coexists in orbit due to gravity is fundamentally here also because of the light particle – not because the heat and light supports life, but because of something from when the universe was in a pre-Big Bang form, and matter, light, heat & gravity were different altogether to what our experience of them suggests, something in a highly unified state*.    At present, & this is from at least a galactic point of view, one is experiencing the sun as a single particle with matter such as planets, their moons and other celestial objects as chemically bonded (read ‘gravity’) elements comprising the ‘molecule’ that is the solar system.

*like we came from all the suns when they were as one, and if anything our duty to Creation is to bring objects into a preferred orbit (like tuning a radio).

 As if to say space is an inflexible basis which is made flexible by adding composite matter in all it’s forms and the action that takes place with gravity and kinesis is a flexibility it would not otherwise have.

I.e.  space is timeless, & dimensionless, if there is nothing of any kind in it that can be measured.  We represent time as a tangible, material, reaction to Creation taking place ‘in’ the void – time is the elastic nature of all things, for example allowing this text to appear in lines that can be read in sequences of sentences instead of all occuring at once as a single unintelligible mass.

So is the ever looming possibility a quantum shake?  Such a gargantuan temporal force bidding to restore a cosmic order with such ferocity towards mankind’s folly, that it nails consciousness as the identifiable feature singularly outlining humankind, and then with the cohesion of sprayed steel encompassing all means via thought and mental process, scrapes it around a corner like a perfect squeegy swipe round a glass cube; watch the light cycle scene in Tron, or similar effects in Streethawk if you see the specific ‘city block’ sequence (namely 90° cornering), so sharply observed that it cracks countless billions of light years of atoms along the edge – like time’s a curveball with us in orbit around it and as a multi-parallel dimensional curveball meeting a multi-parallel dimensional bat…, crack! and we’re all somewhere else because there’s just too many people combatting fatigue to make any headway on this plane.

In this respect I think people are being constantly scraped around a corner, pulled from equilibrium, degrading from alertness, reverting to tired pending a breakthrough in nourishment & respiration leading to the perfect waking state for prolonged activity, at present veering off course instead as energy becomes expended & because gravity is the ultimate law to a mere human, who is succumbing because just the necessary resistance alone causes fatigue, then expressing boredom because it is the given word is a further lapse – but if this message were to sink in and people knew this much at the onset of this so called ‘boredom’- they would formulate the response as surely and pointedly as air prevents asphyxiation…., boredom would henceforth cease to exist…..

…and I know for a fact it is a rare person indeed who thinks nothing of suffocating in others’ expressions of boring, bored, boredom, bore….. can’t be bovvered….

      …..The answer of course is ‘awedom‘ & no buts.



The ‘Quantum Shake’ – anything but this present malaise-tendency occuring as a galactic sneeze event to eject boredom

Quite lucky really, considering what global warming could've meant

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