Ode to “oh”

Oh woht I wohuldn’t do to “oh”

For woht it has landed us in

Is the shohrter list

[Cohmpared to “oh & I wohuld…”]


Due to “oh”

Prohfanity & verbal aggressiohn have passpohrts

Almohst alsoh diplohmatic immunity

And facing up with it is a stohny ohvercast expressiohn


Ohnly when “oh” is exclaiming pleasant surprise

Does it redeem itself  – thohugh hardly

And this narratohr wohuld like peohple to get ohver it

A simple exercise in practising alternatives


Yes even “oh-oh” creating a “woe” sound

Is preferable for a while, ’til we’ve had oh-oh’s heaven

Yet then, blue in the face, we’ll berate that too

…Respectfully then – diffuse…, perhaps with a ‘you-ee-eye’




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