The last time I felt this way….

…I was wagging my finger & berating Gates/Microsoft – about the same time elsewhere an earthquake shook a building where a Microsoft seminar was being held – it was captured on film and so it was featured in the news following.
This time, with much the same sentiments for the reliability of the software, I had just switched off my pc and was pushing myself up from a chair on castors as the tremor happened, here this time, so I was immediately thrown off balance, I thought I was catching the chair on something and while checking to see what (the television as the most likely obstruction on my left), I heard the sound of something against glass – again I thought of the tv, but by my feet there’s a 4.5l whisky bottle I have for savings, then a familiar rattle told me it’s the ceiling fan, the pull cord against the glass shade – there was some other accompanying noise like a long & low ‘whuh’ sound & while I was giving thought to it being a vehicle being driven into the side of the house, I realised there had been no initial crunch or crash noise, just a ‘wobble’, enough to offset the balance of a person rising from a chair.   I knew it was something else entirely, yet having already dismissed earthquake, when it became apparent it had woken my folks, and who were my first port of call now I was rescheduling for ‘any event’.  I looked out of my room window on the way out, nothing of consequence and on the landing I asked if they had heard anything on my way past their room and they had certainly felt it – it shook them awake, my dad’s first thoughts being “earthquake!?!”…,  I went through to the spare room and looked out up the road and saw nothing in that direction.  I went downstairs to check the roadside house wall which is not visible from inside and there was nothing, I looked at the wall itself to see if it had cracks in it, no, nothing…., I realised there were other people outside their houses though, they seemed to be speaking of the same event I had just experienced.
I went back in and determined to find something out, my folks were getting up and I put the tv on to see if a news bulletin would come up.  Drinks were made and while I was the only person watching tv the news just in reported it with details to follow as more became known. 
The [forty minutes] later details told of a widespread tremor felt from Darlington to London with Hull as the epicentre, measuring 4.7 on the Richter scale.  No injuries or damage had been reported….
….Still quite eventful though, where can I say what I feel about Microsoft Windows without breaking the planet?
four point seven    
– update about 18hrs later, more news in –
Needless to say it has shocked people throughout the country who are not at all accustomed to this kind of thing and calls for a ban on all earthquakes in the UK is to be considered at the next council meeting.

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