Expanding upon….

In an email to some friends, I once wrote upon the existence of a book with 9600dpi (based on most condensed available) print and measuring metres in every dimension – except the page thickness of course which is normal, if a little heavier than usual, and so making a 72000 page tome with every known thing that will ever concern humans.


Further to this I would like to expand upon the phrase that I coined on MySpace/XTIAN170174

– “Acronym Engine” –

   and approach with it the concept of a genealogical reference book called “Saints“….;

‘Saints’ is the book of all humans that ever lived and is published autonomously (perhaps even miraculously) when there are no more humans left….   
  This may sound sinister to some although quite simply, sainthood is only ever a posthumous award & so the book is just the result of knowing – as a universe finding itself devoid of humans – what every human in existence ever did, and given the nature of the cosmos as a divine force that brought about the miracle of life – of which humans are said to be something esteemable therein (and with saints as perhaps only a human ‘device’ but still pronounced throughout civilisations everywhere in an attempt to reconcile the universe on down to earth human terms) – the book lists each and every person by their name as a saint so that the recognition of them is beyond just the mortal means and as a book the means is still attainable by life measuring up to human intelligence.   Hence the book is massive in dimensions but still retains a print size and quality a person could approach for information by just reading.

  I was thinking along the lines of a harness and mechanism for turning the pages so the person is lowered into position over the pages once indexed and then ‘my old acronym engine’ sprung back into life and the idea that such a gargantuan tome would reveal something beyond just an inventory listing, by yielding genealogies with a specific line in acronym based sainthood lineages, seemed at once miraculous and awesome….


That is to say deeper study of the tome down to a microsubatomic detail would show Creation at work making it so…, at the level a person reads a book there is the vital gen a human gleans this way – but with the size of the tome surpassing any usual expectation and yet given the size of the universe, how it is all the print presses in existence combined throughout the span of a universe to make the briefest ‘SSSssst’ sound to the tune of producing this reference guide.

…and the idea a sainthood as a confirmed unity with cosmic forces is something genetically passed on through a lineage from the first human to the last which creates the possibility of a clear run through the tome (like a patron saint of synopses and scan reading) on even numbered pages e.g. 1024.5 x 363.14cm from the outside and top edges reads as a clear message: “If you can read this, the patron saint of post human acronym based intelligent life says, ‘Hi bookworm :), read on for more vital gen'”….and with this greeting the possibility that it reads in multiple directions with various messages of hope for life as a miraculous cosmic event expressed using a [multiple] human host perspective

…just thought I would share that with you 🙂


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