God’s Janitor

  A man finds he is the last remaining human [on earth].

  God [The Creator] summons him to a television/hi-fi dealer & appearing as an intermittently recognisable morphing face, enlightens him as to his circumstances.

 God says He will not always appear in order to talk & may sometimes not even talk when communicating.

  In this preliminary briefing He reveals the objective & it’s scope, saying everybody else is gone with only the physical evidence of their lives remaining – in so saying giving rise to the notion that the man is the only one physically removed & now transient in the minds of the populace while he occupies an empty parallel version of the same place – adversely he thinks of himself as everybody & the task ahead requiring being everybody in their useful capacity.

The man is instructed & briefed about what will ensue – how nature will return & overwhelm the elements of civilisation & what will decline soonest despite it’s perceived importance in the role it served e.g. mains electricity, water, etc.

The man is told he is chosen because he will live a naturally long lifespan & accept this ‘new normality’, with his witnessing it as all that’s required.




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