Psychics’ Conglomerate


We whisper at 30 decibels, speak at 60 decibels, and shout at 80 decibels.

Reference. 20, a faint whisper. 30-40, quiet pleasant sounds.

10dB & below – acceptable range for meeting

Above 30dB – speaker is ignored until firther notice

Above 35dB – speaker is barred until further notice

Above 40dB – speaker is permanently barred

In a bid to bring down the volume of communication a “Psychic Conglomerate” is assembled – meetings cover all aspects of humanity with the aim of finding volatile topics & discussing them until they are at a normal conversational level or even “in mind” & no longer prone to ‘outburst’.

*Any matter that can be retained psychically is published as a press release statement or journal.


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