This idea takes renewable energy to a vital extreme….;

The winner simply has the most energy left to burn as either kWh, or pro rata – the rate it is produced and consumed means the amount left over is still competitive with a large kWh surplus…..

The objective is to first gather the energy using a ‘renewable’ type means – this can be solar panels, wind turbines, waterwheels, even pedalling a bicycle – as long as it does not excavate or ‘burn’ a solid fuel…

….the energy must be capable of being stored, like as in a power cell, and these ‘cells’ must be capable of providing power as a mains electric outlet.

It must be capable of powering the usual commercially available appliances.

The main objective though is to store energy remotely, and allowed one supply of [solid] fuel to make the journey to collect it (say above 100 miles), the contestants must arrive on site & swap out the old fuel system and install the new one (or just the cell) to make the journey back – additionally they must install an empty cell[s] brought for charging so that the [charging] supply is constant – they must then make the journey back on the power from the charged cell & prove through this practice that a journey to/from the site will consume only the renewable energy stored remotely – the consumption will not be too high and cut the journey short.

They cannot leave the old fuel system & carry less weight, even if it will biodegrade, it must return with them to their point of origin.  Disqualification for neglecting to observe this rule.

Upon return, the remaining power in the cell is measured and then tested with normal appliances, like e.g. a hi-fi or tv, refridgerator or microwave oven to show versatility. 

Contestants may charge as many cells as they wish, but must swap out same for same;
– 100 charged cells must be swapped out with 100 empty, so 100 cells must make the journey & with the old fuel system too.

To make the challenge worthwhile the remote site a contestant chooses is either;
100 miles into the desert,
100 miles out to sea requiring plane or boat access,
100 miles altitude needing rocket or plane service call, or
up to 10km ocean depth using a submersible craft.

The craft sent is the craft that returns, the empty cells are replaced by fully charged cells – the estimated cost of a journey without the old fuel system is a bonus multiplier and can clinch 1st to win.

The summary objective is to make a clean break from an old system to a new and then show the ongoing saving in costs so that it becomes apparently the system of choice and would make it economically as the viable commercial product that vends worldwide impacting less upon the environment than any predecessor.

The challenge is open with no time limit, the contestants are responsible for their own documentary footage – any matter touched upon that can be disproved will disqualify that matter and potentially to the extent of a fully void competition entry.

Any entry into the challenge is gauged by current entries also submitted at the time of completion.


The ultimate winner makes another return journey using the renewable energy source within the capacity of the existing charge from the stipulated competition rules ….

  • This proves the method works on the new system.
  • And then the process of reducing the distance travelled to collected charged cells may begin.
  • The efficiency of the product can be improved.
  • The quantity of cells – the scale of the operation – can be increased to a commercial level.

Penultimate winning positions are constantly awarded and a league [table] may be formed during this period until a time when the competition or the rules have to be reformulated to accomodate new technologies and advances progressed beyond the original specifications.



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