[-updated-] Tobacco products kill 1,200 people a day in the US, but it rarely makes the evening news

      If it was a cataclysmic event with Hollywood style explosive action, you could continue bringing attention to it and keep it transfixed….   A case of ‘seeing‘ the event;  an aggressive malignant cancer as a war being lost, a tumour as an invading force penetrating to destroy from within, other immediate [even the subtle ongoing] physical, neural damage as a controlling leader whose platoons of ten or twenty trained professionals utilise an access point to deliver a lethal payload.  The addiction itself as EMP devices deployed to cause a mad frenzied scramble for the perceived state of normality that resumes only when tobacco fumes are inhaled…

  …and show it happening to an area of natural healthy abundance, to a town with roughly that population, speed up a time-lapse frames sequence.  Show each event as another sinister shadow on a lung x-ray so 365 days of time lapse frames provides about fourteen seconds of sequence showing 31,200 tobacco related death events per second (26fps).  Show the geographical outline of the nation as a healthy lung turning cancerous, illustrate the attempts to lobby for anti-smoking and a ban as the respective paperwork equating to a swab for absorbing blood-loss during surgery to remove a tumour….

 Zoom in on one shadow which eerily resembles the darkness around the sunken eyes of a stricken individual giving their last recorded interview in a series of investigative video journals – listen to them say the words you need to hear so you will never ever go there – words tinged with the cancer itself – as it consumes the person, the personality, and then the life which ebbs away meekly conceding to death’s relentless grip, visibly contorting the victim’s facial expression into agonised despair, and felt by the viewers as with the effort to talk and breathe is not so different from them save for death’s incapacitating constriction; A grim & blighted stare of wide open unseeing eyes that have attuned instead to an inner sight viewing the last remnants of life-supporting functions as they apparently crumble, dissolve or sour corrupted into a puslike mush of decaying cancerous liquefied tissue.

   However, perhaps the less airtime it is given, the faster and more aggressive it is perceived to be and so a comparative radio silence is best policy for reporting it as an issue to fully understand (as opposed to creating a panic about it) & report just the numbers, calmly, as being in need of control, better awareness & regulation. 
Giving it lots of attention could raise hope where there is none if the outgoing message doesn’t actually stop the act of smoking as a direct result of it’s broadcast….

   If it was a movie, even just fifteen seconds long – the emphasis on filth (tar), a soul decaying, nauseating, stinking cesspool of putrefying human remains amputated to prevent the spread of rabid personified cancer taking form as a devil incarnate manifest to clothe itself in human form and gratefully lose the life it inhabits because of the collateral damage the person suffers even as it submits to them burning it alive and consuming it – then it may have an impact…

Statistics though, probably don’t sink in amid a veritable ocean of facts & figures…;
– 90% percent of people think the statement, “Smoking is habit forming” is true, while 10% believe it is. 
– 43% believe thinking while smoking creates belief & 82% think believing something while smoking changes the belief, of which 70% said categorically it is an enquiry to completely unfound the matter with applied thought (cogitate utter disbelief).
100% of people surveyed said if they smoked without thinking of giving up it would be the most likely reason they die.

     There you go, matter-of-fact, plain as the nose on your face, but needs must when the devil drives – 1998% accepted smoking made them a statistic, although 98.80112989702030797921208880113% of those said it was the art of a refined characteristic, of whom 3 were characteristically beastlike and possibly not even human at all, resembling instead a unicorn, a dragon & a beagle…

…I say, “if you want to be a button on a calculator, eat the cellophane wrapping the cigarette carton comes in & throw the rest away”….


So, is this weblog an advert for or against…?

…After all, mine would look like this;


Answer this Featured Question without hugging the tobacco companies!



The local paper’s done some ‘cigart’ too 🙂

Simple – Effective

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That’s “North Lincolnshire ‘twinned with California’ :D”

…and to end this update, I’d just like to say that if you smoke one at a time, then you should buy one at a time, put it in that perspective and realise ‘cigarette obesity’ is happening just because you buy them in twenties – almost like it’s not your fault and now it’s way past time to be telling you all this…., ……so, …erm….;

One at a time

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