’cause on me, there’s a yoni I haven’t got…



There’s a possibility that somewhere, no matter how kempt & well-organised a person is, at any given moment, regardless of the [perceived] sanctuary in self & consciousness, or the lucidity in mental processes & gracefulness, & the clarity & acuteness of conscience….  …that somebody [else] is a lapse in all this – like through the carefully administrated person, as if a medium, somebody (anybody) can be “dialled up” – made or caused to surface in the person & at that given moment render [across] them a slurring, dithering drunk seeming incapable of holding the person together – causing them to lose articulate expression as if with a guilty admission of lacklustre, shrugging, faux confidence.

  In short – the person wants to try their best; they also strive for an apparently effortless glide – but those they encounter are making them in the preferable image & so once in a while – even perfection itself is scornfully [albeit accidentally] cast aside in favour of a stumbling, stuttering bodger.

 Almost everyone desires grace, dignity, poise & pre-emptive confidence
  ….I wish it upon them all at once, read: Jesus’ yoke, …more so for every lapse.

& I thank [your] God in Heaven for a night’s sleep and second chances because it would otherwise be overwhelmingly tiresome & everyone would have given in by now…


eoh [s]

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