The 100% match possibility

…suppose there’s a person, they’re a self-contained entity with just a ‘rudimentary basics’ prominence in civilisation.

 An individual who has all the same needs as any other person – food, water, clothes, hygiene, fixed abode, warmth and a degree of social interaction so they are still easily measuring up as, ‘like any other person’.
  This person however has no romance, love interest, significant other or in any sense of the term, ‘relationship’, a person with whom they are involved.

 It is not a cold person, not someone who shuns others, not a loner by anyone’s standards – but somehow we’re discussing a person who has a lifetime of only very brief liaisons with regard to a relationship, as if a mutual agreement is very soon reached, “we’re not meant for each other, this will not progress much further, let’s stay friends but not be more intimately involved”, this is what happens and this person certainly classes every individual as a friend with a clear line drawn about what is an abuse of that or any friendship that would cause the breaking of any ties.  In essence the person is prepared to make friends and looks forward to meeting new people at all times – something of a thick skin has developed naturally, just like water off a duck’s back is an imperative fact (for a duck) and the endless enthusiasm for social networking cannot be blunted or distracted.

 Then the person decides that despite whatever happiness and contentment they feel – there is likely to be a person out there among all the others who is a 100% compatible match with every aspect of a relationship interest considered on both sides – as not just a form you fill in for comparison with other applicants, but a constantly ongoing concern, i.e. day to day with this person would be like everything conspiring to bring matters together with these two people always in present company for any given period because of how ‘cor blimey’ good it is when it is just so.

Perhaps therefore a daily account of personal progress, interests and whatever arises is the superior application and at best will only ever be a social networking [site] blog because of the personality expressed through it rather than the profile of a paid-up-ready-made-date with ‘date’ as a foregone conclusion about reading the entry….

I read on someone’s page recently that they’re eccentric, which must apply to everyone at least to some degree – but the exact context of it suggested, ‘eccentric like me’….  How would you react if you saw something so accurately describing a personality trait in a way you would call your own?  Because the thing is, and especially with eccentricity, I may see it another way tomorrow – my fundamental basis for being me is limitlessly constant and will endure as one and the same lifespan – it would be almost supernaturally phenomenal if someone was 100% like that too and through time the parallels were also reinforcing this fact with more than a few coincidences per day – say one an hour, 16 per day…., and each one something that lasts an hour of your time giving a thought to the remarkable similarity with oneself…..  Then you’ve got a match made in ~

One ought to say 100% is the rarest and most coveted – it is therefore close to 0.0000000001% likely
…and perhaps, ‘supplication’, even, ‘entreaty’, are better terms to use for ‘application’ – be organic about it because the way it will look in retrospect should never seem like you ordered someone off the internet by completing a ‘profile template form’! 

What say you?


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