Do you know who you are?

I answered this on the FQ chatboard & it got truncated, then I posted it in the user’s guestbook and something seemed snipped off the beginning, oh joy, I decided to blog it safely assured it would all appear and I have the luxury of further editing options;

When you join an online group, be it friendster or facebook or even xanga,
there is always this section.
“About Me”
I always pause, and stare at the screen when i come across this question.
Do I really know who I am?
Is one fit to introduce oneself?
Do you know who you are?

…I replied;

Do you know who you are?
@thenicoleness – Take that moment, and especially with the reference to ‘face’ – as these are largely id pic moments in profile creation – and do something about being asked the questions with your facial expression, like you’re squeezing it from a tube of toothpaste, smile at the thought of what answers may come, gnash your teeth at pet hates, laugh at the number of memories that still amuse you – you will find that you have an almost infinite capacity for storing all those things, but that ‘on the face of it’, you are almost ‘selfless’, without a great conscience or weight of conviction – this is the intrinsic boon in profiling, you are saying something that makes everything good & great – even fantastic, and so you develop character supporting these facets and the weight is somewhat carried by saving a profile version of which some is very you, some is leaving, some arriving to be more you…, [while] the constant thing is consciousness and what your ‘being’ has accepted for it’s ‘journey’ – almost all subject to some kind of change or flip-side once you have a workspace like ‘About me’ to regard it with.

….In fact it reminds me of something I posted on FQ;


You’re doing your routine thing & a child walks into view with specifically focussed attention on you and so you turn to face the child & see why you are being approached – and here you realise, beyond any doubt, that the child is you & that you’re quite distinctly not the adult you thought you’d be when you were that child…., then you feel rightaway the question, “!!!! Who am I ????????”


  So, here, have some more about me to regard it with.


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