If everyone had to frequently return to the smallest space a human consciousness could fit into

– like a single [ongoing] embodying thought in a brain with a lifetime of thoughts….,

 …So that the next encounter with a person is, not so much like the first, but like everything beginning equally & because there is no differentiating between ‘smallest spaces’ which are just an agreed element, if at all physical, and same for everyone…

– more like the basis of thought in consciousness , so there is a mutual comprehension of reverting to contend with – like if your’s is ok then mine is too …and vice-versa. We endeavour to sort one another’s as attentively as our own – because they’re the same.

….Then, the next encounter, with regard to such things as words and physical appearance elicit the social rote as an instinctively entrained;

 “Where I got to before reverting is where I shall resume from upon recommencement”.

– And so in that cerebral moment of distinct physical absence [during reverting], everything meant the same…

As if life is a dream becoming animate reality by thoughts leading to actions.


Could such a thing [the ‘mutually agreed element’] be made more real to the sense of it by using

  • dreams,
  • locus classicus,
  • universal truths,
  • etc,

     …as the smallest space?


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