Rather than,

  • A secret coven thing,
  • or an agreed deity/icon,
  • or even apparel like robes, hats, masks
  • or anything at all linked to a mystical understanding of an occult interest….

Rather than any of that – I propose a simple universal solution where all people who are present through expressed interest, or who e.g. can be eliminated from enquiries into a common threat, are in one place together and they perform the agreed rite if there has to be a secret so they can operate a certain way (like undercover) in events progressing…..   A bit like a submarine crew having a picture next to a hatch door – they all perform an act like kissing of the hand and touching the picture as they spring into action and must [all] pass through the door.

  This is a very simple thing too, rather than being done ‘for luck’ or to enjoin a sense of spirit between fellows, this proposal is somewhere between a covert signal (like the simulated whuh’whoo of an owl) and an act like tracing the sign of a cross over the face & upper body.
   ….And the proposal is to do something like a click of the fingers, at ear height while intently listening to it – to accept that it happened ‘here’ only  & so unfortunately the quarry/target/object/etc will not have got the vital gen it provides and in so doing the person follows up by leaning in to the sound like it has uselessly weighted the brain beyond their means to resist it – indeed the sound still clear in echoic memory should seem to need all that space and be the cause of that weighty feeling – and so everyone in the ‘coven‘ is made alike through this simple act….

Does it work?

Try it and see – it’s only clicking your fingers with a common purpose – what have you got to lose?



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