“Jesus me old mucker…”

“… =D How you doing?  heh heh, I was thinking of You…
…yeah – ‘making fishers of men’ I recalled, & I thought – especially with a view to mentioning it next time I saw You – hows about what You do, is You make fishhooks of everyone – in a ‘bliblically sensible & trying to cultivate a miracle’ kind of way You understand…  thought You’d like that for a ponder – seemed a good idea at the time, should mean if we turn out useless again we’ve at least got some Godgiven bait for going on with…..
  Anyway don’t let me keep You, I’m sure You’ve plenty more important matters – oh will You send us a forwarding address please, can’t seem to find an address book with it in, all my old .pst files are beyond recall too & every time I do Lord’s I wake up next day with just the same unresolved affairs of others to ponder – Y’know…, them I pray for & work for and live in hope for…., when I get the address I’ll send all that through – make a ‘prime’ move on it for us please. 

Oh…, what do You think to my site, nice eh?….”



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