Affects Everyone

  If a person is going along with their life & affairs and at some stage there is a kind of universal issue – it affects everyone – then the person takes a course of medication…

  What if this person is foremost in the issue that is affecting everyone like a job in industry for a firm that’s polluting the air we breathe – does the course of medication affect everyone indirectly – ?

  Or just like deciding to take an extra 2 hours of bedrest every day without fail until further notice – surely everyone else would notice that – .


Like this person is laying something to rest using their body as subject to the issues, and then treating it for symptoms – of which people contending with those issues are a constituent part. 

Remember when I queried the possibility of people being a degenerate version of you if you didn’t ‘see yourself right in them’ ? 
    That kind of thing

What?  You can’t remember me saying it?

cuh!    Here then…..;

Upgrade for “I always used to say anyone who isn’t me is [potentially] a degenerate version & vice-versa

They were happy times, small though in retrospect,
 managed into just the space a brain occupies, I was always prone to believing I could not do someone justice or ‘see them right’, only you have the perfect picture of your hopes and dreams…
   Well, anyway, the upgrade is called ‘perfection‘ – this is not a hoax, you will not encounter a multicomplexity of fates if you do not repost this to everyone in your address book be four jinxty afternoon and it is sent with the usual best wishes and no strings, save for understanding the meaning, which of course is why it is called ‘perfection’;
So, any instance of,
 ‘I always used to say anyone who isn’t me is a degenerate version & vice-versa’, that you have received from me,
is now superceded with;
Perfection never changes – there is however an increasingly better sense of perfection
Humans are therefore becoming more sensitive, and therefore more tolerant
It means disease may become mood, mood may become well-being, as well-being will become perfection
Christian 😉


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