Suggested Question: Why do you think people enjoy music so much?

I responded to runner_4_him saying,

I heard a low bass D is good for the kidneys, that’s the low E detuned not the 3rd string D

If we’re receptive like that, all frequencies must have some discernible effect in a given measure – naturally some music appeals straightaway & this could be a simple enough reason…. 🙂

….and then I went tracking it down to see where I originally found it – no luck so far though, however I did find this advert for a Yamaha TRB-6P

 Yamaha ad


Also maybe useful; keyword ‘kidney’

….& currently awaiting a response from Bass Player Magazine [.com]


wait-o, s’ok – found it 🙂  It’s in Bass Notes on page 7 of the June ’94 Bass Player Magazine
& it’s F rather than D for the kidneys [apologies for my poor recollection];
 Low Frequencies may be good for you

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