what is the best way to stop procrastinating?

Relieve yourself of any responsibility – like a detox – the urgent matters are always attended to unfalteringly or they cost your health so you will not fail yourself there through delays, the other matters will soon also come to your attention, if they are for you to handle, and just decide there & then.   The things deferred so much it seems like you are not actually being interested in them, just reminded, may well be flawed resulting from any ‘disinterested’ attention you pay them – clarify this, tell yourself not to give ‘due’ consideration to it in future as it is not ‘hanging in your future’ after all. 
If this refers to a person and with regard to the last [most] degree of procrastination (not actually interested in progressing the matter) – the person & yourself aren’t able to progress matters due to something.  Simply put – it is either you, the other person or the matters/affairs between you – identify it and deal with it or approach it saying I’m still procrastinating but I can see what it is now – just so you know too.

Consider also (as another angle on the aforementioned or just another answer);
  You may be lugging what you should push, this could mean promoting something to a presentation standard instead of dragging it kicking and screaming – & also think self-promotion.

Similarly you may be pushing something that needs nothing except to know it’s been left behind – a person in this case may prefer to catch up with things rather than feel like they were there and did all that….., tell them less of what’s done/to do and they may halve anything you’re delaying just by way of a response to your different tack.

 & now also see: http://profile.xanga.com/chatboarditem.aspx?user=lainygirl22&id=1039941#1039941




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