How do you think this will turn out? [Updated 24Mar2k8]

 27a Brooklands Avenue
North Lincolnshire
DN20 0DY

Christian Hilton
27a Brooklands Avenue
North Lincolnshire
DN20 0DY

Divination Request

Dear Me,

        I would like to request your complete undivided attention is given to a simple task that will prove itself successful within moments – namely I am asking you to volunteer every last vestige of your substance to throw dice & elicit a quantity for the number of words, then a quantity for each word length, then quantities that represent each letter.

  It will become apparent within moments because it requires the words are formed in perfect order with no ambiguity – such is the simplicity of casting dice…;

1st/ the quantity of words may be any amount from throwing all the dice to be used, then determining using them, or not, with the flip of a coin (or odd/even dice result).

2nd/ the length of each word is determined the same way though only using the 1 – 10 decahedron as the 10 – 100 is not applicable, in the same way the 20 sided hedra is also questionable if casting requires it and it repeatedly yields high values which is not commensurate with the formation of sentences (such as a definitive rule set will make this run flawlessly on a computer) –
    – Ideally then a choice from

d1 = d1-4 (2),

d2 = d2-6 (2) ,

d3 = d3-8 (2) ,

d4 = d4-10 (2) ,

d5 = d5-12 (2) ,

d6 = d6-coin …..

 …can be made from a 6-sided dice throw, & a second resulting “12” (d5), requires a flip of the coin for yes/no to confirm it.

3rd/ the numbers 1 – 26 represent the alphabet;

1 - Z

d6-coin, d2-6 (2)20hedra….;
 & a coin H/T determines 6/20-sided 1st,
    then H/T for “go again?” [y/n] &
    this is always with the other dice (6 follows 20, 20 follows 6)

    A completed task yields the answer in plain unciphered writing


Yours sincerely


p.s. If this task does not yield results as requsted – my opinion of me being able to carry out a simple instruction – and with the emphasis on ‘simple‘! – will be directly lacking esteem as a result – as although I should not be surprised due to the random nature of throwing dice, I am after all asking myself to do this with an expressed intention and so expecting a specific result – if it does not yield words as letters are drawn in the correct order – it will be due to me throwing the dice/flipping the coin & while I am asking here that it is done specifically to create a coherent & legible statement in plain english. 
    If it yields a result but makes a mockery of this earnest attempt then I will be most unforgiving of something latent that has remained dormant for so long & only acted contrary to the objective set when becoming active.
  Please treat the matter as a routine test for answers & yield them in accordance with this task being performed to the set parameters.  This entreaty is to empower you [myself] to that effect.




…well?  Yes you guessed it – I cannot rely on myself to carry out the explicit instruction and only get words of the english language formed through this process….

divining results  

So, I began formulating rules for which there should be an action associated & inevitably will require a computer performs the casting due to the reduced rate at which anything is produced – a trickle when all the rules are observed to ensure words do come out every time…..;


Word Divining Rules

  • e.g. 9 letter words are likely to have a minimum of 2 vowels
  • Q requires U
  • The only one-letter words are I & A, both vowels
  • No three letter words are comprised entirely of vowels
  • Rules for sentences [structure]
  • Hyphens, apostrophes, – how they’re dropped if not used in the set
  • What input is creating the output?  Sound from numerous remote/external sources, could computerised sample analysis determine a word that should fit/contrast or emerge ‘neutral’. 

     ….and the search for the perfect divining method goes on….

– Update 24Mar2k8 Update –

Okay – I’ve done it perfectly, for one word only – it went like this [transcript];

A Word Divination

Head=Y, Tails=N
Least=Heads, Most=Tails
Heads=First, Tails=Last [occuring in a choice of two]

Do I use the least amount of dice required for 1st letter from A-Z, flip=[Heads] Y
least dice for 1-26 is ‘6’ [cube] & ’20’ [dodecahedron]

So, which 1st, 6=Heads, 20 =Tails, flip=[Heads] 6  …..roll =5
Go again? Y/N, flip=[Tails] N 
1st letter = E

E can be followed by any other letter A- Z, 1 – 26;
Use 6 & 20 again? Y/N flip=[Tails] N
What then? (smallest amounts first),
3’s Y/N flip=[Heads] Y
[1] 4,10,12  [2] 6,8,12  [3] 6,10,10  [4] 8,8,10   …roll=3   6,10,10
Which 1st? 6=Heads, 10= Tails,  flip=[Tails] 10  …roll=10
Go Again Y/N, flip=[Tails] N
2nd letter=J

EJ_ only followed by A or E, Head/Tails, flip=[Tails]
3rd letter=E 
EJE_ only followed by C
EJEC_ only followed by T
EJECT_ only followed by [1] A,  [2] I,  [3] M,  [4] O   ….roll=[4] O
EJECTO_ only followed by R

1st Perfect Word Divination

Plural? Y/N, flip=[Tails] N


It took about 5 – 10 minutes, includes referencing with dictionary, could speed up with practice…


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