P.S. Booze Britain [Updated 27Mar2k8]

“Hi, my name’s Junior, I’m 11 & I’m an alcoholic”

NUMBER coloured

Fine with this? or fine the parents?THISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITChildren in e.g. a recreation field around dusk until after nightfallTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITKeen to impress others, but soon simply keen to acquire boozeTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITSome are even passing out from excessive drinkingTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITTaking it for granted as the activity of choiceTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITHolding their own as the name of the gameTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITEveryone concerned somehow at a loss for an answerTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITMost authorities still pondering a ‘solution’THISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITOccasionally even death may resultTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITUsing people old enough to get it for themTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITTaking it mindlessly like a highly addictive narcoticTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITClassifying themselves by comparing amount consumedTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITObviously incapable of funding a habitTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITLess inclined to think beyond doing it againTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITDaily doesn’t describe it – constant is the word at that point.THISTLESORETIT
Many say be wary if you’re out at nightTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITAssure yourself of a good enough reason to go out at allTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITNeed immediately what you’re going out forTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITWait until it’s light if at all possibleTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITIf necessary though prepare yourself fully THISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITTake only as much money as you needTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITHappen upon yourself in a scenario using the mirror – is he up to it?THISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITAssess the weather but also wear clothes offering padded protectionTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITPockets deepest inside your clothing are bestTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITLayers make it harder for any attempt to take your belongingsTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITAnticipate a detour because of people ‘hanging around’THISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITNever go anywhere you haven’t been to in daylightTHISTLESORETIT
Hedges for stash until the coast is clearTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITEvery street walked down twice or with a lookout going on aheadTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITReally careful so they’re not caught & have it confiscatedTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITWalking with a refined posture and prepared words of good elocutionTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITAny interest is therefore a stranger & conversation avoidedTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITReady for the authorities’ questions & determined to replace anything taken off themTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITMeeting beforehand to have a plan of action – yet only so as to later lose the plotTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITVulnerability is the main issue and why there’s a legal ageTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITA shop owner & the staff are fully accountableTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITGirls, like women, are deemed more susceptible to the effects & soonerTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITInvariably it is “sorting the boys from the men”THISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITNearby properties could [should] be held accountableTHISTLESORETIT
THISTLESORETITAs any instance raising public awareness going unreported further inflames itTHISTLESORETIT

Suggestion – impenetrable cordons, security fences even, for areas in use with police on the beat, this will move it on, whereupon cordon again, & more patrols, just for the areas not the people who have been using them (they could be anywhere). Frequent passes with thermal imaging equipment to check the areas for any who may have found access (this can be mounted on floodlight cars in lieu of helicopters) and with a quick access point for on the spot remedial action coordinating camera crew and beat officers….

This might seem like a lot of cordoning, but imagine if you make the places exclusive to people walking dogs, jogging and so on – clearly presenting themselves as having no intention to drink or supply alcohol to minors – for this part of the community normality resumes and these places are what they pay taxes to be able to use responsibly.

Once the problem is back in it’s original place, the chances are many opportunities to drink have gone as most are back at home and would be trying to sneak it around their parents and who are immediately accountable in the event the authorities are led to the address and it is going on unchecked. If they are somehow able to find somewhere and it cannot be cordoned, these new places are developed to prevent it, a presence and further assessment from the location with any of a number of business interests able to bid for a most viable solution – the underage drinkers shape the future by illuminating areas easily lending a means to this activity – and which could be a much worse thing going on.

The main target is the alcoholic drink industry which has benefitted even if the drink is confiscated and poured away – the object is to prevent their revenue from reflecting underage drinking going on by stopping it before it does.

There’s a sting in the tale, at the end of every bottle (& while having tolerance isn’t going to make any difference) the physical (& mental) damage is one step closer to all the drink related illnesses….., so why is it going on at all?

Because it’s an altered state from which a person returns wondering how they may ever experience something like that again…….

If it is time to pull out all the stops – the measure to take is a confounding phantasmajickimal tour of all things known about the human, the universe, and what invariably makes the drunks in attendance pass out and miss the best bits, or opens their eyes to how much they would enjoy it if they hadn’t had a drink….

Why on earth does that sound like rehab for junkies if they’re pre-teen schoolkids…?
…Because it’s gone too far – it is rot taking hold of a person on the inside and emerging as a corrupted version of the individual through consistent alcohol abuse.

It should only need sorting out once!

Take me for instance – all I really do consistently is smile to promote a healthy happy life of well-being and all this is what I meet as a result, is it possible that if I become soured & miserable then there would be less of a thing to have a good time for & so the amount of drinking would reduce – I do not think so, and I believe that if people can make smiling their daily habit, they’ll find it a lot more rewarding in the future and less impacting on their health and finances (if they have finances).
And would you believe it is as hard to hold your own smiling if you are trying to – that’s just like drinking, so why not switch and get the immediate ongoing benefit?

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Transfer your pre-teen alcoholic son or daughter’s Off-Licence account to a Smiles Academy Rehabilitation Course and see marvelous results as all elements of their daily life are given the effortless & endless smile finish. With clear headedness modules, lucid brain seminars, liking the world sober field trips, and more all for the cost of the equivalent money spent boozing – what more could you ask for???
[requires willpower and commitment]

Sportgirl coloured


– update 27Feb2k8 –

ooh, we’ve had a poll, results now in…;

Nuisance Youths [small] …burp!

Am I doing enough…?

– Update 27March2k8 Update –

A Telegraph reader poses the obvious [though somehow unanswered] question;

Just who is buying booze for our kids

I had contacted the newspaper about it, but the letter was way too long for viewpoint without some intensive editing – I trust it was forwarded appropriately to relevant legislative bodies, businesses and the like. (I think if I type the answers out as at least a template proposal, some or most of the work is done and steps can be taken).

You Can't Give A Baby Booze

we’ll see….

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