Press Release

 Published details of the recent ‘boiling point’ study outlined the trend towards anger, the links to diseases & health conditions and how it has impacted in particular the UK.
 While I have many ways to summarise this trend, such as “too much Eastenders”, “flying off the handle [at a moment’s notice]”, “the greasey [volume] slider”, “a hair trigger” and so on – it would be in my best interests to cut to the chase and enlighten anyone who may find the following advice useful…;
   If you tackle anger issues, whether your own or that of others, spare a moment of thought to a simple, non-medical solution – A practical method which is to alter a sense, & here I see a niche in almost everyone’s lives for gripping-aid products. 
 One such brand name is ‘Stick Funk’, another is called ‘Gorilla Snot’, grip solutions used in the music industry by drummers & guitarists respectively…, climbers’ chalk is another type, you can get steering wheel covers, grip tape for sports equipment [handles]… there are probably endless inexpensive remedies to many of the domestic ‘accidents waiting to happen’ and daily challenges people meet.
 So, in the words of Graham Stanier (the resident psychotherapist on the Jeremy Kyle Show…;
Aside from yourself, you could do this for someone else (pan handles, water filter/kettle, zips, shoelaces  etc.) if you see where they lack a certain tactile sense, just be sure to tell them they will now be able to turn on a sixpence.
  Be a sport too and mark each discovery towards tempered & easier access with your own custom ‘Eureka!!! ‘…,

…& that’s anger management….

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  1. feonahell says:

    Your writers are enormously large.submit press release

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