“Wanna Get Busy?”

I saw that caption in an old Bass Player magazine and read on to learn of a ‘discovery’ course with the Musician’s Institute….,  10 weeks.

Here’s advice that takes 10 seconds to follow 😉

Wanna Get Busy?  Actions speak louder than words, so slap your shoulders with the opposite hands instead of wearing your mindful intentions round your neck, and then get on with it…..

That’s rapid forceful slapping you can feel in your lungs! Down on to the shoulders as well as back into the chest….

Start though, if unsure, by applauding as hard as you reckon you should bring your hands together…
    …..& now do shoulders the same.

Ask yourself when you get on with it if you’re doing it any different than you would if you didn’t give yourself this inspirational ‘pat on the back’….

Other concerns?  Well – it’s a physical possibility and it makes you feel different, so surely it has an actual root purpose in the realm of ability/endeavour…..



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