If you had the choice, how would you want to die? [Updated 29Mar2k8]

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I recently corresponded with Steve Doughty of The Daily Mail on the subject of Euthanasia, reiterating my initial ‘scripted piece’ sent to my local paper when a discussion was held at a local venue;

Dear Mr Doughty,
 A euthanasia discussion was held at a local venue and the topic has graced the pages of our local newspaper – the Scunthorpe Telegraph – and while I could not attend the discussion, I did send word of my interest and the likelihood a simple administrative process overseen by the medical profession could give people, not the desperately ill – just those who simply have lost the will to live, the means to bring about voluntary euthanasia.
I would be interested to read a poll on the subject, using the base scenario set out below, similar to that which I wrote in light of the local discussion event to determine it’s viability (it deliberately touches upon the healthy being given the right, because it consequently gives those with ill-health concerns the foremost access to the privilege of dying voluntarily)…
The Euthanasia Pill – For The Mind Made Up
   …A patient attends an appointment as per the computerised system now in use by the NHS
Doctor “Good day sir, how may I help you?”
Patient “Hello doctor, I am decided – I need to take the euthanasia pill”
Doctor “Ok…., very well”
 the GP accesses the patient’s medical history on his desktop terminal and from a drop down menu selects ‘Euthanasia request’ and continues,
Doctor “I am required to inform you that there are counsellors and referrals to psychotherapy & psychiatry as other available options before taking this step…, are you certain you would like to take the euthanasia pill at this time?”
Patient “Yes I have made the decision and will stick to it”
Doctor “In that case…”
 the GP selects ‘Print’ from the further options for ‘Euthanasia request’,
Doctor “…please sign this form which I will witness along with the administering of the euthanasia pill”
The printer finishes a single page output with the patient’s name, address, blood group and national insurance number as well as any donor register details.
 Otherwise, the body of text on the form reads;
 Euthanasia Request - Patient Authorisation The GP then activates a cctv camera to monitor the procedure & administers the pill which is stored in a locked safe requiring the daily combination as well as the electronic confirmation code sent as the GP accesses the terminal when selecting euthanasia options.
The tablet is given with a cup of water and the GP watches it being taken before examining the patient by checking in the mouth using torch and tongue depressor to ensure it has been swallowed.
The medical case file is flagged “pending closed” and the patient is respectfully asked if they can provide the address where their body should be found the next day if it is not the address on their file… this is duly noted in case of medical services not being notified of a body and so a checkpoint is set up.
The doctor makes a show of opening the door for the patient to leave by way of a prompt.
__________The End
  Giving people this means is no different to most than simply knowing what would have the desired effect if they take it upon themselves – it is not likely to open floodgates and all pointers to this ‘option’ are as much a deterrent while the popular media listings that embody modern culture & trends suggest a theme will emerge if it is given a voice in the first instance – in any case it is “assisted suicide” and those intent on ending their own lives are always better served by the medical profession than by taking matters into their own hands.  A professional method that gives a person the means to return home, finish the day’s routine and go to bed for the last time is most comprehensive.
  I look forward to a better understanding of the issue with this matter reaching those who would express their informed opinion and that any theme anchored in euthanasia is rather a message of hope than a gloomy sign of our times.
Kind regards
Christian Hilton


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– Update 12Mar2k8 Update –

ST have published results of a study;
Euthanasia Study

– Update 29Mar2k8 Update –

Daily Mail reports,
The Push Button Suicide Machine
Yes, that’s right, soon only to be available through participating outlaws

Here’s a picture of another one;

pen contract
Same simple principle…,
…Push the button and a lethal secretion that comes out the other end is administered –
It is almost instantly fatal with an all-encompassing numbness as the user tries in vain to direct the flow & reconcile the irrevocable differences it creates throughout any conscious perception of [their] normal routine existence.  Eventually the user is consumed by a ‘drone mentality’, becoming zombified and thus ending the life through what would best be described as a
Contractual Slave[-for-Life][-until-Death] Agreement


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One Response to If you had the choice, how would you want to die? [Updated 29Mar2k8]

  1. Viol3tt says:

    i love this. thanks so much for writing it. that’s how i feel and i’d love to give this more than two eprops. if people knew how awful it is to sit and wait to die in a nursing home i think they’d understand why something like assisted suicide is needed.

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