ID Cards

I made a little effort with my Xanga pic – instead of just a run-of-the-mill image from my collection of snaps, I went a step further & added a border that looks like a film strip with the little cut-out sprocket holes that enable film to run on a movie projector as it feeds the reel through….   To top this with a unique identity though, I changed the holes for Morse Code which says ‘Christian Edward Hilton’ – I thought it was quite clever – but it’s hardly so much as raised an eyebrow (too low brow for Xangans?)

‘So, maybe I should bring it to light’, I thought [penning this blog]…..    ‘That would hardly impact upon someone to appreciate much more than the effort that went into it though’ I was concluding – as the point is made, so it fades….   ‘[Needs] something else…..’ 
   – Well, what if it inspires a thing – like it has been popular of late to overlay a movie with scratchy effects making text seem wirey, pointy, electrified, dark & ominous – the movie reel has been visibly used alongside images in many contexts – from just displaying a photo as little more than a ‘frame’, to illustrating a run off point, like reality and cinematography merge (while still in the cinematography) – it makes a really good link item and blends scenes with a potentially confusing amount of [sudden] depth allowing precision continuity…

What of it? – If it were to inspire something, it would hopefully be something more memorable than ID Cards…. 
     ….How about where movies provide their own ‘code’ which links to the character in the way described (like you may have used semaphore, or the code sheet from BC’s Quest For Tyres to make a border with & then [inadvertently] found something reminiscent in a [seemingly unrelated] movie)……  there’s something to go at & lots of it….

For starters then…..
…I give you, “John Doe”;

John Doe (reel effect border from his [independantly wealthily bought] apartment).

& no fair – I have been mocked for being old enough to have a video collection – what’s wrong with that?



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