The Devil’s Troubles

…a hypothetical essay

  Imagine the supreme force in the realm of anything anywhere – before any depiction of it as good or bad…

It is pure throughout & any form taken in the course of life & species is to some extent always given to accepting or declining the existence or influence of this supreme force [to better pursue one’s own ideals].

  This clearly gives all life scope for any direction & ‘self’ opinion which includes how it acknowledges this supreme force, e.g. at some stage, the culmination of all events everywhere inspired Adolf Hitler to write Mein Kampf…

Saying: “Needs must when the devil drives”.
Suggestion: Write down your sincerest and most profound self-belief, read it as the same person that wrote it – do this time & time again, even write it again fortifying the words, clarifying them & always meaning to return yet stronger – nourish & sustain that person.

 So, to recap
1/ Write with sincerity
2/ Read what you wrote – self-aware as the author
3/ Repeat steps 1 & 2 with more depth, meaning & clarity
4/ Nourish & strengthen this author whose vision of your most sincere hope is so simply within grasp that you can lend your time and invest your sincerity through this means to progress towards the realisation of that hope.

Only – BEWARE! – If the inclination is to pile it on thick and you believe you will solve everything with a few succinct unifying words that will change the world, then there is a quote to temper it with that says…,

“The word is the way”

      …and with the irrefutable importance of communication & exchange, one would say, “practice ‘continuing’ rather than the full-stop…”

(for my liking, indulge art too – capture an idea with a sketch, write a caption for a picture….  …& have fun 🙂


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2 Responses to The Devil’s Troubles

  1. Chika-dee says:

    dude, the BEST way 2 get rid of the hic-ups is 2 eat peanut-butter! duh!!!!!! i thought everybody knew that! helllllloooooooooo doesnt ANYBODY watch Arthur!!!!!!! u should u know, its very educational!

  2. @ Chika-dee,
      I usually just find a harmonic to bump/sync into the hiccups with…, something like,     “Go Dee, Go Dee, Go Dee, Go Dee…”,
     ….followed up with massaging the throat with the back of the hand between index & little finger, and a change to a croakier, compelling tone while ready for a more forceful coughing evacuation – something like,
      “Goatee, goatee, goatee, goatee….”,
              …usually gets a result.

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