The Voices In The ‘Other’ Room

    Comments, grasping for the definitive (say like, rapping on it as if requiring urgent access through a door), a tonal deepness coupled with disdain – something makes the listener automatically assume a degree of personal relevance, more so than just hearing a thing – like these are words laced with intent or attitude, if not specifically directed at the ears they fall upon.

  Strangely it was as if someone spoke up briefly – a single sentence-long statement in what was otherwise the hours of silence in the night…

  Stranger still, it was not a voice recognised from all those known (& what would be audible, & within the source’s perceived proximity), not seeming outside either, in fact just like a voice of an adult male down the landing corridor.

  But also like it very simply occured as a result of (during) turning one’s own head – with accompanying sound of air movement about the ears, along with other sounds of what particular action, and something like a memory too – not specifically of some words spoken – but that would give rise to an opinionated [responsive/counter] ‘vocal’ expression…

  – Words of this description, it seemed, had been suddenly articulated into the calm quietness of a cool 3am night…
…and the thought ensuing ‘did I just hear a voice’/’what just went on in my mind?’, seemed a little perturbed by it.

FYI:  I live in a detatched house, all other occupants if saying something at that time were talking in their sleep.

Any ideas?


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