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Candidate seeks public vote, referendum & daily national press serialisation, as well as tv documentary, social security benefit inclusion, counselling service and website forum for concepts depicting the future of civilisation

We’re all a GPS beacon of hope” says the creator of the 1-A-Time Civilisation Refinement Satellite

     Submission of the draft proposal for ‘social refinement through satellite technology’ incensed some and amazed others at a recent gathering and unveiling of the concept which depicted a ‘multitude of sins’ & social ills that attendees chose from and that the target identity database speedily processed to yield a result that matched all selections and yet without any extra selections being made….


It is a collossal feat of processing and tracking with numerous satellites in orbit above earth performing in this capacity at the same time….” said Designer-in-Chief, Dicki Andiwate, “the idea that any number of problems encountered in an otherwise civilised life in the developing world can be addressed by finding a matching description through accurate identity records means a person can change the course of civilsation for the better and the chances, like the lottery, of it selecting any given person being so slim means that if it selects an individual ‘again’ – we would be looking at someone who naturally stands out from the crowd anyway, possibily the individual who counts for more regarding that matter than any other person alive – their five minutes of fame could have come & gone without this technology ensuring their profile is properly digested by the civilisation that has shaped them, while celebrities already enjoying their status could be called upon for the very real issues they can professionally resolve through their career already in the public eye….” he added.

“Amazing – in awe of Andiwate’s esteemable talent” contributed Riff Zappublicrat, a member of the political parties in attendance…, “…he’s really got the pinch on anything that misdirects humankind, it’s almost like a taste for it you can sense when you see him in action – imagine from just the ‘fifty list’ how many combinations there are – a target/profile for each permutation, and so what an international website forum database would add for processing, and how soon we could benefit from all that – phew!”


On the other hand, army admiral, Schultz Dwighzensherpa said,
All this could go wrong at a moment’s notice – the technology falls into the wrong hands, the satellites become armed and anyone can be zapped into oblivion from space – just Google ‘Where’s the President at now? and only seconds later he’s history!!!

In summary, the candidate added,

“I would like to know people’s opinions – I think they would see the sense in the positive aspects of this development, yet I believe they would certainly also need to be fully alert to the current status and require a supportive network of forums, counselling and social benefit availability – Yes, what do you think?” he smiled.

On that – [actually] I’m here;

Vocal Inglection


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