If you placed an ad in the personals, what would it read?

   I think my personals ad would read the opposite page …  🙂

…get it?  Well on the same premise that something/one faces the ad (like the opposite page), when the publication is opened and someone reads it, I’m guessing the ultimate answer is that the words placed in the ad are specifically targetting a mindset so it should read;

Hi, I’m like most people except I placed this ad &
it is to make sure my personal interests are outgoing &
if I’m interested in you, you’re outgoing too. 
  If you’re interested in me – let’s go out 🙂 M34

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4 Responses to If you placed an ad in the personals, what would it read?

  1. lesannejenk says:

    took me a minute, but i got it in the end. pretty good stuff.

  2.  Not wanting to spoil the moment of realisation, but did it give you a feeling of looking out from an ad as the publication is opened on that page? 

  3. lol is it a riddle? Do you always write in riddles?

  4. @BeautifulB_227 – I do like the cryptic clues, it’s just saying most anyone could place an ad the same way, so for this one to be ‘personal’ I have to lay claim to it ‘in the public eye’ as my outgoing personality but emphasise that someone else is like that or has an interest in it as a desirable trait and should contact me regarding that if they are ‘seeking’ along those lines…, mostly I think tens of thousands of copies of the publication aren’t ever opened on that page, so whatever’s on the opposite page becomes the ‘other half’ and how ‘lively’ the ad is may cause a certain feeling of being there & a lid (the page) opening and you look out at someone peering inside to see what it contains 😮  I’d want to be very careful about how I placed those ads, better the social networking way of having lots to say and plenty of room for it with less chance the contacts are date-hungry…..

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