My Living Room

Finally got ALL the stuff cleared out and a decent pic from the back wall with as much floor space as I can get in while including the fullest representation of height – the coving is about another three to four feet from the top of the image – As far as I know it’s toughened glass in the windows, although they can wobble in heavy storms and the camera flash has shown up imperfections which may be the age or original quality of manufacture, but all in all it’s a big space I can start to fill again……   Any ideas? 🙂  I was thinking split level, open plan, full house refit & have it as my ‘chalet’ or a party house, miles of just scenery so no neighbours to bother 😀

My living room [cropped]


…hee hee, just kidding – I drew it and photographed it out of my sketch pad. 
Please fill with ideas anyway

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