From how I saw…

….like an enquiry after some information where it had appeared lacking or insubstantial to fulfil what I was taking in (it seemed categorically defining of a person who I formerly knew nothing about)…..

…i.e. in FQ’s chatboard I saw a reference to someone, a person of celebrity status but I had not previously heard of the name and so could not readily put a face to it.

And so, ‘from how I saw’, I have a possible further line of enquiry after discovering who this individual is from seeing an image which is, most succinctly, asking, ‘has the media agent/administration routinely followed up and discovered me?’ – this would be to specifically determine my continuing interest, and require little more than a routine analysis of site traffic statistics….

In so saying, I wrote this blog because [unintentionally] hovering over an image on my page brought up a preview pane with sponsored links and which included a link to ~

So, hi – seriously – nice to see the underbelly diligently at work to keep all these virtual miles connected and running with potentially useful continuity




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