..not entirely sure that should have happened… ([do I need] help?!?)


    Hmmm, shouldn’t really have happened – seeing as I’d just given him his thorough shampooing for the coming summer…, he usually gets playful when the dryer’s on him & lunges out for it (same as with his all time favoutire game, ‘string’ [said repeatedly in high pitch gleeful voice while dangling & swinging the string provocatively] and as usual he caught me a few times, though all just minor scratches hardly breaking the skin, and those in no apparent danger of infection – but I don’t think I have ever seen it go like this particular one though – It was like an injection at a blood donation, the immediate sense of a mildly stinging bruise upon penetration, it first of all raised up (almost immediately) about the size of a knuckle and went dark grey – this photo is around 24 hours later and I’ve just noticed it again, the much larger area and now reddened, all from that little puncture in the middle…..  I think it’s working it’s way out…

What say you??



1st May Update
s’ok, sorted now, just the puncture mark with a little bit left to do

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One Response to ..not entirely sure that should have happened… ([do I need] help?!?)

  1. Anonymous says:

    It will probably heal all right without medical attention, but you might want to think about soaking it in warm water with Epsom salt. That or get bit near it by a macaque monkey. Their bites are self curative do to many generations of gnawing the crap out of each other. Evolution seems to work.

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