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I ♥ Björk

 In this example, I will refer to Björk who, as a unique talent, makes the point clear… …I found myself thinking,  I do not want the word ‘love’ to have found it’s way in here [my thoughts/brain/feelings/etc.] and then have a … Continue reading

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A lighter moment in the preoccupation with better tomorrows;

ITmerge ver9.999b As if saying of all telecommunications,  the amount a person actually needs should never be more than the amount they were using it  when they first came into the world… …and then a thought to having the emergency services as … Continue reading

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What is your favorite movie quote?

   “….to the moon!”                           – Baron Munchausen in ‘The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen’   I just answered this Featured Question, you can answer it too!

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Try the HTML questionaire

This is essentially the way it should have become manifest as ‘latent knowledge’, so the questions may seem to get progressively harder [if you follow them with an intrinsic understanding of each];It is [1 – 10] a simple dividing line that … Continue reading

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Make sense of it

   Right, well, suppose you have this means capable of multi-googolplexes of processes per µnanosecond… It lets you see everything because of the understanding a thing totally shielded is still requiring a shield & so nothing is impermeable to this perspective.It paints a … Continue reading

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ST Viewpoint’s term-time holiday topic

In Viewpoint, I recently read,TERM-TIME HOLIDAYS 10 May 2008 There have been a lot of complaints about taking children out of school in term-time for holidays.The reason for this is parents on low incomes are unable to afford holidays during school … Continue reading

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Everything a Computer Does [Updated 20May2k8]

Everything a computer does   – which is usually deemed to be processing [as] a labour-saving device – as a numbing agent to normalise the interface for labour & exchange.                 *‘Energy harmonic’,’  Thinwidthbandoe$hz* c,  see because.And every brainway can be there … Continue reading

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