…nice… :)

Just checking out the “Olympus VN-3100PC Digital Voice Recorder“, it’s a 71+hr USB dictaphone and has a deskop application for transferring files…..

So here’s what we did;

  • set up some beats/clicktrack
  • decided number of bars [length]
  • played something [guitar/bass] on the count of ~
  • repeatedly…

//think bubble//

…with a pc/laptop to hand – with hi-fi speaker playback & editing software – this is a neat way to research good mics while ensuring they eventually all have a standard fitting jack plug for dictaphones universally…

//think bubble//

Let me just reverse up the spec:
     …..on the box it says
– 4300 minutes digital recording
– 4 folders each holding 100 files

…..& while the help section says;
The approximate data size of audio files transferred from the recorder or directly recorded on the PC is:
5-minute audio files recorded with the recorder or onto the PC
Extra High Quality (XHQ) mode: 3.2 Mbytes
High Quality (HQ) mode: 3.2 Mbytes
Standard (SP) mode: 1.6 Mbytes
Long (LP) mode: 1.2 Mbytes

 ahhh, here we go – the VN-3100PC webpage on Olympus.Amco says;
[…& this is the bit I’m interested in:]
Record up to 4,300 uninterrupted minutes in LP mode.

….so, if 4300mins is LP, & 5 LPmins is1.2Mb
the capacity is 1032Mb – call it a round Gig.
322ish minutes of [E]HQ sampling
645 in SP

…& I like that it’s got a ‘timer record’ like a video,

   mmmm, that’s nearly like saying, “every dinner hour sorted from now ’til backup transfer, and then some…”


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