What am I doing here?

…well it’s the internet, which we’re led to believe is a source for all worldy information – a rich environment of vast expanse where one may find answers to many questions, more so than perhaps one is even asking…

…and, like the time someone enquired in chemistry class – “How dilute is the dilute hydrochloric acid?”

To which the response, being along the lines of, “it’s acidic enough for the tests it is used for” (GCSE chemistry) prompted me to say, “here, let’s have a look”, at which point I poured some into my cupped hand, put the bottle down, rubbed both hands together and then splashed & patted it on my face like aftershave….   & no harm done, no ill-effects, no worries….

…likewise, I once ate some holographic media and as I’m no longer a pupil attending a school – I trust useful information and answers to questions, like “What will I have managed to digest ‘into my bloodstream’ that could give me that optical laser read/write insight as a consequence” could be found through utilising my web service…

Incidentally, is this normal ? like a ‘common’ or usual trait for anyone else out there??;

        Did I ever mention I've eaten holographic media


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