1000 gene rations [updated December 16, 2009]

[Update – visit 3D Warehouse to view the model, or download for push/pull/moving action]

There’s a lot of speculation and a question that asks how people are right for each other, what determines it?

…I’ve decided to log this;

  A thousand generations of a people that are fit, healthy and capable of a harmony with their civilised way so that law is never an issue, merely a guideline – their intellect is never brought into question as they are eminent in fields of study and practice, and they have a respect for the elements that does not cross any threshold and cause another people’s civilised way to conflict.    Their law states, though does not enforce, a male & female are physically & mentally mature around the age of 18 and it is observed they will have become sexually active and capable of successfully procreating & parenting around the age of 16 – For this reason their education and vital wisdom is instilled before this time in a standardised state-run schooling system to ensure they have at least a fundamental basis for a start in adult life that creates a means of communicating from one mature person to another, they can take the responsibility of a grown-up if they fall back upon this education, it is a common sense approach to all things that takes in the elements with a regard for those aspects capable of presenting a hazard.  They are made safe and live their life freely with a hardly a thought beyond their means as the education caters up to and even beyond their physical/mental ends – generations of their kind improve these circumstances in the ongoing addition to their population through procreating & successful parenting with it’s perceived evolutionary steps along the way…


A thousand generations of a people in another part of the world, in many ways the same but their lives perhaps less demanding due to climatic stability throughout the year meaning fewer years spent in education preparing for the rest of an adult life – as a result they are deemed mature around the age of 16 and capable of bringing a child into their part of the world & caring for it through infancy as a mere 13 year old…


A thousand generations of a people who have a strong leaning towards the moral guidelines as carving them out to be far more refined individuals with a much more mature & wise outlook – they are, through their practising stricter observation of more stringent guidelines, probably mature in the manner prescribed above at an even earlier age, yet they are educated throughout their teens and called mature around the age of 21 while averaging a ‘young mother age’ of 18…

   Here’s the maths  –  in 1000 generations of a people where a specific lineage is said to have had mothers at the youngest commendable age throughout, in all the above peoples would mean the unit of inheritance is passed on a thousand times over spans of 16000, 13000 & 18000 years respectively.

   This is the issue – the 16000 year span of procreating to a certain peoples ways is suddenly brought into question as an unknown element, like a virus or shortfall in successful adults/produce for this part of the world simply due to geographical/hemispherical environment variables, means that this peoples’ continuing survival will be determined by a successful match with other peoples, for the purpose of procreating with the gene that says, “16000 years of this is doing okay”.  Obviously this may make some think they don’t stand a chance with those who deem themselves young parents at age 18, but note – the same amount of time has elapsed since the same origins in the world, their practice of education through to adult maturity is just for their region and they are in fact intrinsically the same – except for the number of generations that makes them ‘the people of this generation now’.

 So if it’s 16000 years since they all began in their respective ways, the very young parents had a thousand generations at the 13000 year mark and in the three thousand years ensuing, yet another 230ish generations too.  Comparatively – the ‘oldest young parent’ peoples have had fewer – 888/9 generations.

 Compare the figures,
18yr old parents    – 889 
16yr old parents    – 1000
13yr old parents    – 1230 [generations]

  If it is the education that sees them right for maturity and balance in their adult lives and procreation that ensures they inherit the means to continue their way – does this make you wonder, “How after a thousand years a person from one could possibly be compatible with a person from the other….?” 
 Yet it is entirely possible and not unheard of.

And so, the findings are that genes, almost regardless of generations are passed on, creating in the chromosomatic mix a person who embodies both of each parent’s inherited genetic predispoition to be like their kind, which on the proviso their education leads to the same aforementioned harmony with their civilised ways so that law is never an issue, means integration is the best way for every person to consider and that they may find a person at any time who is vastly younger yet beyond them in mature ways, or considerably older but somehow less sage as if their wisdom is ancient and they will command it only when they are ancient too. 
  And yet these could all be people of the same age too and this ‘maturity’ is a perception of the personality, the human being in stance and expression, rather than physical age.

 – With 6.6bn people of whom e.g. around 0.715% are your own age & opposite sex, so saying around 7.15% within 5 years of your age so the above working out means a mid-twenties woman still in great shape for starting a family might pick from 471,900,000 eligible males age between 20 & 30 (add 47,190,000 for an extra year in either direction)…..
….and without a doubt no two people are completely alike – this means (calling those eligible a nice round ‘500million’) that it’s less of the lottery and more of the overwhelming numbers you have to ward off with an acute degree of choosiness.

 – You better believe it, one of all those people is genetically the most perfect match, one that you could never ever find a fault with unless you were the leading eminent scientist in the field of genetic research and who has spearheaded a campaign to unpick the very fabric of our substance just to prove his/her partner has a flaw that may anull their compatibility despite this significant other being above & beyond all other eligible suitors & the best match there is and ever will be…..

….but then, who would you leave the matchmaking to if you didn’t oversee it yourself??

Moreover – how does the possibility your best ever match  – with whom you found untold happiness and a profound sense of what this all means that fully reconciled your understanding of God & Creation – is a person who lived three thousand years ago, or whose bloodline and lineage is suggesting this person will not exist for another two millennia….??


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