Potential Bone Marrow Donor Match

Just been and given the samples for testing – I related Montgomery Burns being tested for all known germs, when the needle went in, straight through & out the other side (same thing happened to me when I had my jabs at school, it got squirted up the wall) and the doctor said, “your arm has the consistency of meringue” – ha ha, that’s like a brittler crumbly version of polystyrene.  Oh wait, not to me – that doctor said, “oooops I’ll try again”.

Soooo, I had this thing written down – just how it occurred to me last night [for attitude, read ‘point of view’];

The attitude I forementioned
(my reputation goes before me)

is to die for……, so,


…if you are going to

make me healthy

you should ought also

make me wealthy

& so please understand this;

you had better therefore

make me wise

! ! !

(just for the obvious reasons)


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