How 1974 is this….?

  Mankindfold – as if said to be speaking in terms of all the human beings as a manifold,

 increase (always to a multiple) with whatever current total.

The totality is exameasured for scales to calibrate upon,

 any 1 person has a population multiple and this is sampled at occurrence – what any occurence is if seen by everybody all at once from the 1 person’s point of view, 

 (as new=different, samples are invariably valuable if they contain new values that merge),

 then multiplied, it merges with the cube of the population
   (that’s the population to the power of three)…


 Any occurrence of similar scales in the universe is then read on that scale – the parallel merge file also searches for a same pattern in multiples of samples (this is called synthing – finding ‘value concentrated merge samples’).

New Occurrence scales have the new emerging source.
Used Occurrence scales are flux affliction patches.

She would not let us
   ..      .      ..

chomp on our fingers
  .     ..     . .

So we had to go home then
  ..      …      . .

& chomp on them there
 .  .    .  .    .

May assume you are from 1974 as a revelationary moment occurs and it changes your life as you become 1974toned & which could depend on naivety – such as birth happens to a completely innocent baby,  information that needs to be understood must be simple enough for the subject to grasp – yet as with maturity comes deeper quicker understanding…

  …And so it could be a person predicting something beyond the years of their lifespan or a person born since who has a distinct though not apparently physical connection with a time before their birth, and anything inbetween…

The question is, in this introductory weblog – how 1974 is ~?

~ Coming out with a word like Mankindfold – and contemplating the merit of it as a determined quantity for quick and accurate logistical processing – ?

~ The subject it creates if not already called something like Mankindfold Theory (notably as a 1974 subtext to civilisation & the running of the world – a time-honoured study)

~ The connection it has to acoustics, when and how this was first exploited

~ The use of acoustic properties used synthetically

~ The use of tone disqualifying any parallel as a hearkening echo

~ Using anything as an example rather than something with verified 1974ishness,
      or using a 1974ish thing without verification

~ Bullet point lists?

~ Monty Python cartoon foot stomp shoe plague

…and so ontil ~akethet…

Welcome to the 1974tones –
whose members at any time in any combination are the people they would be whether 1974tone meant something or not.  Although yet some 1974tone merchandise could become available.


Here we go;

Genuine 19 7ty Fourlised Tone Sample



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