Everything a Computer Does [Updated 20May2k8]

Everything a computer does

  – which is usually deemed to be processing [as] a labour-saving device –

 as a numbing agent to normalise the interface for labour & exchange.
‘Energy harmonic’,’ 
* c,  see because.

And every brainway can be there in the same moment of universal balance in

this handler.

I give you,

     ” °(E=MC²) “

   What is it about Energy that is constant…?

 …if we’re saying E=MC² then mass is acted upon by it’s squared co-efficient, giving a resulting energy.

The energy created is dependant on the mass being acted upon like this

So we calibrate for mass to understand what is known about it’s volume & density.

 & we calibrate for it’s squared co-efficient to quantify and’or gain from the corresponding amount acting upon the mass.

  …there are places where this happens in our time as ‘a constant that we know nothing besides’ – by awareness of being alive, and by experiencing e.g. the sun….

 – it’s a viable tonic for the well-being, although punctuated by night like saying if a person can be given days of unending natural light, even if this puts them out of reach of other needs for the duration, like in orbit.  
  …Or making a 25000mph solar glider for daily circumnavigation within the atmosphere…

  …that’s 24000m/day with a Mach on top for gaining and losing an hour

& whereas the Mach50burst (aka ‘Hawaii Sunspots’) let you get up in the air, and set the sunrise in either direction accordingly…

 These incredibly fast gliders employ gravity for gaining speed, they become so fast that they are going straight on into space instead of conceding to the curvature of the earth, the principle is in the materials being perfect for stability under the structural duress of Mach 50 and heat-resistance experienced in those extremes,

   “Wormgear Platform Technology Systems”;


 The glider can be airborne from a usual towing method, if is released from a plane though, it is faster sooner – simple as!*

It climbs seemingly vertically, it is attaining the steepest ascent possible and a very fast lift that’s getting faster, with calibrated flap adjustment to give lift according to speed and descent.
  It gets to the ‘optimum altitude’ for the sequence and in it’s descent begins to add lift and so it is pulled forward at a greater rate and while beginning to gain altitude with it’s momentum triggering the response for retaining altitude while using the downward incentive to pick up speed, it begins to descend in ratio to the speed it gains – this is an adjustment for gravity, speed, weight, resistance – The rate changes so that the adjustment pulls it on course – accelerating towards, and later down to a 24000mph circumnavigating speed.

Here the 50Mach burst can be used to accelerate forwards around the globe or loop off to return to ‘earlier’. 
 The 50Mach heralds the beginning of the “10million Airborne AirCraft Age” and the revolutionary Flight Clearance Technology that fully automates the entire airborne operation – Even every green belt permits a launch site and so maintains perfect overseas relations as every mid point between two populated areas has the simple ‘airstrip field size runways’ for the more convenient local access, which are so conveniently slim and so perfectly run†, that it is possible to land early, walk 200 yards and get a hire vehicle to tour the area looking for good spots.
† Take off tow trains‡, that go round like a ski lift, gliders are positioned for take off then attached for towing, they pull like a slow winch that then accelerates exponentially rising out of the ground like a hair in FFWD Erector-pili Autonomy (like when your hair stands up on end), as the glider passes the end it just slides off the tow attachment, up up & away.

*So, there’s this other way with a lift you go up in and take a glider off the roof with a long ski-jump style ramp.

‡Most used & servicable are turbo tractors – they are able, in greater amounts for quicker mass acceleration, to send heavier loads.  If you have a dragster that’s built for the weight of the vehicle and try using it to pull extra weight, it’s slower reaching top speed – you want that fully developed straight line dragster racing spec & it has to start showing the means to efficiently propel to such a mighty flinging extent it is like doing the maths for a piston, so one stroke length, end-to-end with the length of the runway, ”

glider towway

   ][Dragster = ][Piston
                          ‘equation’, which is used to make a

   (| |)Runway = (| |)Piston chamber

Then the developments lead to the eventual on-board propulsion systems, gliding becomes slinging.

 Imagine the size & mass of a passenger jet & yet just enough wind to fly a kite [the subject lifted at any attempt to catch the breeze with it] – it literally vaults upon an internal mechanism to be in the nearest usuable airstream by instant trajectory to target, by gliding down from vault zenith or by arriving on ascent from glide down, and so on with subsequent ascend/descends.

The fluctuation of ascend, descend adinfinitum may be hours, minutes or seconds long, with subnano accuracy.   Depending on the speed and resistance to current parameter function targetting

(flaps, rudder, weight placement [all the heavy mass is one articulated body which the flying component parts can move around for efficient use of aerodynamic qualities] – all parameters adjustable = all cockpit functions)

This is an astronomy crack to see further into the universe I would like to get verified

  – The onboard system can calculate from any current position, it can work out slingshots for other celestial bodies and once an ‘earth atmosphere’ model makes it into orbit and is made the habitable size it can be for [prolonged] space travel, it may continue skimming the outer atmosphere for predetermined ‘bursters’ – the streams of atmosphere, say from a certain kind of weather at sea, or from an alpine wind, polar extremes or a desert sand mirror feeding the sun right back into itself through the atmosphere [harmonic with lightspeed sourcerays making an electrical signal function parameter onboard, what do you get for beating light speed so you get hit on both sides by the exact same moment in particle beaming….., some of these where manifesting, approached as an angled rout [to have angle for best energy exchange], that works the initial moment of resistance into the path of least.  The craft then shifts it’s mass directly forwards into that path (it is programmed to positively counteract the aerodynamic action of the wing by moving the weight into a more forward position on board…

    ….as if to say,
  the rudder and flaps are streamlining passage through
 and then they adjust to ‘progressively cutting in’,
 [to cause the atmosphere to be occurring across the adjusting wing in such a way the glider is skimmed with a twist along the chronology [think stick & hoop] – the glider is again propelled forwards, & even upwards, at greater speed;
  …the flaps are speeding up a bit of air caught during a weight shift and the glider is adjusting for best propulsion from it.


Glider [small]

Glider Sail Fin[small]           Glider[sail fin ii]small]

   ..or is it just a ‘flight of fancy’?




ps, has anyone got any audio/video samples of wind tunnel airstream & with subject[s] departure angle positioning at variable rates (like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.° of angle into stream over 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 to 9.7, 9.8, 9.9, 10 seconds in, totalling 100 videos).



Glider [articulated wing] [small] 
Around the world in 90mins 45sec
by Christian Hilton




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