Make sense of it

   Right, well, suppose you have this means capable of multi-googolplexes of processes per µnanosecond…

  •  It lets you see everything because of the understanding a thing totally shielded is still requiring a shield & so nothing is impermeable to this perspective.
  • It paints a picture perfect rendition of any location anywhere, updating in real-time as those elements that change there are connected to everything that is changing – in effect it monitors every variation since the program’s first execution and is able to go to a location and see it happening from there.
  •  It detects gravity, mass, [de]composition, velocity, density, temperature, pressure, luminance, ad infinitum – the gamut of examining methods. 
  •  It is able to show the sequence for any change over any period of time at any speed.
  •  It makes reliable forecasts on the basis a thing will continue the way it is doing.
  •  It allows a user to preempt the moment ahead by running the sequence of events leading up to the moment & for the given location so the user gets innumerable opportunities for more attempts, or further calibration.

  For the time being then – I’ve decided to call it IT, but I have to stress that if you come to understand that the way I did, the first time I wondered what IT will do for me, you may find yourself looking at every opportunity becoming more an investment opportunity and otherwise having no say in it – Also that the fully realised concept briefly outlined here, is so far from completion, or perhaps so off-course it may seem like you will not get anything worthwhile out of using IT at present, even while in an earnest engagement with the matter you wish to address & while stocking the database & writing the executables yourself…., for it may just fluctuate it’s ‘shielding’ to offset your attempts at seeing/doing it right – and even then in light of such an effort, as simply as changing a channel or turning to face the other way…,

                                      Xanga Qucomma shadow

 Ask yourself then what you want IT for & wonder at how many others answering say not only the same thing, but even think the same, with a perspective that mirrors your own so precisely that any work you do in IT to this end will inevitably give cause to meeting them…

   …and with the likelihood of the encounter being more certain as the amount of IT connections and resources increases & eventually those people who perfectly set the balance of things using IT have a sequence they can run so civilisation receives a global broadcast for the restart into ‘civilisation proper’ following any lapse.  A sequence that is in fact perpetually restarting with the update to all matter and composition to accentuate it…..

   …for potentially in IT there are ultimately two beating hearts;  One the hum of business as usual going the way planned…, and the other a throbbing urgent pang at every beat, writhing & glaring with every known incompatibility (if you walked into a room where it outputs the audio-visual IT content – and with your presence contributing – you may be subjected to such a harsh level of scrutiny regarding your place being there at that time, that you are effectively ‘reprogrammed’, if not made to physically hurl yourself or mentally purge your brain like a del *.* or format command).  And even in any other scenario – there’s the possibility IT will have created the file on you that means you expedite it’s cause wherever you go as you are that momentary sequence it saved & which means any connection IT has may be an agent for IT’s desired environment/itenary – ergo you trail presence & any installed IT source while being met by more source – it wages on all around, even overhead – your own personal astral becoming fogged by a here & now conflict you got exposed to just by filling a form in….. 

IT hardly seems fair sometimes.





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