ST Viewpoint’s term-time holiday topic

In Viewpoint, I recently read,

10 May 2008

There have been a lot of complaints about taking children out of school in term-time for holidays.

The reason for this is parents on low incomes are unable to afford holidays during school breaks because of the cost.I would like to suggest that the school summer holidays be reduced to four weeks and the other two weeks should be taken when the parents require them.

There would have to be conditions so classes did not end up empty on the same week. This could be a solution.

J Page
Ferry Road, Scunthorpe.


  And among others entering a discussion, my response has been published;

Link holidays with education

There is an immediately obvious minor edit – I had worded the last sentence;

     The consummate busman’s holiday holiday would surely satisfy all concerned….  

   … I reckon if I expected ST to retain my edit I should have used, “busman’s holiday” holiday.


So – picture this;

 A perfect holiday location, limited availability of both ‘seats’ & dates – Mum & Dad decide to take Jr with them on the booking they can make around their various & most pressing commitments, and so inevitably it happens, the compromise is eventually Jr’s schooling as the vacation must be taken in term-time for them all to be able to go together.

  For this to be okay & so that the child is up to speed with their ongoing education upon their return home – a liaison is set up to show the tourist industry accommodating holiday-makers.  The incentive to get a good education stems from seeing that people in their particular line of work are doing [it] okay, that with each job comes the responsibility and with greater responsibility comes command of higher wages.   This is the ‘tour’ for children holidaying in term-time to take and so avoid the first levy.   There would then be something like ‘options’ and ‘[option] transfers’ – the child attends between one & four lessons per day following a selected option, or if they find it above or below their means, they have an ‘interim transfer lesson’ & do the paperwork themselves at the end even with an appointment set up for their parents to bring proof of identity for processing the new assignment[s] – It instils insight into the administrative feat required to change a thing about one’s ongoing circumstances in another country.   Again – for all these elements there are reductions to the overall fine the parents incur upon themselves.

  It should be simplicity – these are people abroad together as a family for perhaps the first time in months for any prolonged period – they want the whole package to include decent accommodation, unspoiled resort, good weather, time to be a family & that time spent with such loose ends as ‘being on holiday in term-time’ is a fulfilling & rewarding experience the child will gladly bring up in discussion and so effect an immediate maturity on the pledge of liaising offices – especially more effective if the child can provide a summary of their work detail that perfectly reflects the itemised bill – in so saying the usefulness & purpose of following up curriculum study in vacation-time would be realised, as the child shows interest & insight into tourism/hoteliers/management/staff/stock/locality/culture/etc…..




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