An instant remedy – ‘the clean take-down’

  I really cannot credit the cold virus with any intelligence at all – it should otherwise know by now…

  I got those symptoms, a muzzy head, the lining of the throat feeling thickened with mucus, found myself breathing like I was trying not to draw air over a certain part of the windpipe – like it further aggravated or inflamed the symptoms…, my Mum too – taking a remedial nap when I started to think it was more than just sympathy & I could have contracted it;

  Well, cold virus, you would know this if you were just a little bit intelligent – I cure colds & I get instant results – so here I am, without it, only an hour later – even finished the washing up too!

  Here’s how;

 I call this ‘thermogenics’ & recognise the sensitivity of some people, whether it’s their palate or their stomach – this action should be taken only if you’re sure you can consume the ingredients.


1 packet noodles
2 eggs
3 spring onions
4 cloves garlic
5 cloves
6 cardamon pods
12 fennel seeds
1 tsp cinnamon powder
1 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp mustard powder
1 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp cayenne pepper
salt & pepper
tip of a paring knife menthol crystals [very small amount]
up to 5 tsp hot curry 
  (I used a bit from each of a few flavours, so
    1 tsp madras,
    1 tsp biryani,
    1 tsp shop brand ‘hot’,
    1 tsp tandoori ‘special’)
1 tbsp olive oil
1-2 tsp lemon juice
1-2 tsp lime juice


Finely chop the onions & garlic,
Make the noodles in a soup bowl – covered with boiling water – let stand (softens in about 3-4 mins),
Begin frying the onions & garlic in the olive oil (medium heat),
Grind the cloves, cardamon and fennel seeds with a pestle & mortar,
Strain the noodles with a seive, leave draining over sink,
Whisk the eggs to even consistency for pouring,
Add the noodles to the onions and garlic, stir to mix,
Distribute the egg while pouring on to the mix & stir to evenly coat the noodles – ensure the heat is not too high,
Sprinkle each of all the powders and stir them into the mix for a minute or more,
Add the lemon & lime juice,
 remove from the heat & serve for immediate comsumption.

 This should be a hot peppery spice dish, it should be felt in the ears & maybe make the nose run, the throat should feel immediately cleansed & any thickening of the lining is totally gone…

  It is not an attempt at burning oneself with the hottest flavours & ingredients, but an earnest use of multiple ingredients to make it ‘complex’ & cause a cold-defeating thermogenic reaction while observing properties such as citric acidity, lightness of medium (e.g. not meat) for fast absorption, the renowned association with health such as garlic has and/or physical reaction like onions & mustard (think eyes and nose) and the association one readily makes with pharmaceutical remedies like the flavour & properties imparted by cardamon, fennel, cloves & salt…

 I also have strong unsweetened black coffee ongoing throughout (just starting another litre) and I now feel completely refreshed, in fact more so than after a night’s sleep.


 As always, consult a physician about any symptoms you’re unsure of & if this remedy does not work for you, I hope it at least hits the spot as a tasty snack stop :-d

the [f word] cold virus – DONE!

lar lar lar la la

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