My Screensaver

 I was browsing the screensavers on my computer – I haven’t downloaded anything extra, just what’s installed with the system – which first of all I must remark – does not include the starfield simulator!

    Yes, yes I know,  I thought the same thing;  WHAT!!?! – Are you crazy!!?!?

More about that later;
 I was looking at Aurora & wondering why it is that the naturally occuring Borealis/Australis phenomena are not used as a data medium, the answer of course being that they are not under the control of an operating system read/write head.

  This obviously means that the operating system will have to be adapted so that it is compatible with the aurora.

 …If you think this would not be possible – wonder at how optical read/write technology exists in the first place

So if you have a satellite; 

  •  It has a solar powered laser writer & read head with an extremely broad bandwidth of data transfer capability (yet it’s light without heat, or the target could be charring ozone in the process) &
  • You are able to scan the aurora as a whole for reading,
  • and write to it as a predetermined data packet destination (it’s animate appearance is pre-empted),
  • then you have potentially the ultimate source for safe data transfer….

  …this is because only a satellite can read/write aurora with the further safety measure of being space-side…;  the direction of the data written is always coming from space….

With the aurora comes a handler for information that could not be simply assimilated – just a matter of harnessing or tapping it.

   That would be awesome and highly practical if it was a solid cast iron iron clad certainty.

So, where’s my starfield simulator gone???   I not only liked that screensaver enough to actually use it, but I was trying to find how I could incorporate it as a webpage background on my pages too – now I no longer have it on my system at all….
  True what they say – You get what you pay for.


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