Clean Water

 You know there’s that person – that even though the ground opening up and swallowing people is more the ‘image’ of retribution than the reality….   But you know that if you’re this person, the things you stand for and speak out about are something that person will fall foul of, and while choosing not to confront anyone, you still maintain your opinion which is in fact infallible if you’re right by it, and so inevitably – what with the interconnected nature of all things – a balance is struck, redressed, imbalanced, recalibrated, etc….

  So, yes – I know there are people who will seem like angels and some who will seem crooked & I am therefore fielding or just creating a means to expatiate the opinion on this;

  I have just seen an advert with UNICEF in conjunction with Ariel – check out this link

  …here is the thing [‘thorn’] –

You’re buying the product and totally certain it’s the right thing to do, they are sending just what they say and the benefit in lives saved and illness prevented, is irrefutable….

You do not concern yourself that their lives are in your hands – you are saving them from a fate that’s dictating no less than a short life of frequent illnesses until one of them is fatal

You only wish they’d convert more of your money spent on the product into clean drinking water – if you could, you would tip the balance some more, get 10 times the equipment and materials required and begin donating a 1000% more

…and this is the other thing:

 I’ve seen the future of clean drinking water – this is the link
It converts even raw sewage to crystal clear, purified H2O  and in layman’s terms – it’s as simple as seiving

  and so it amounts to this thing…..


….need I?  well, simple – it’s a vital necessity to a healthy life – I couldn’t say it about e.g. muesli because a new refining technique meant all other brands were basically grit – it does not actually harm in it’s present form and poses no immediate threat to health, and then there are other options, so many in fact you are literally a world away from the most eligible recipients of this most vital necessity after air.

Because if it’s drinking water – you’d find the quickest way to perfectly safe drinking water at above ‘ration amount’ availability and if you absolutely had to charge for it, you’d not have to impact the people whose lives depend upon it.

– So, it’s a Nobel prize type recognition to the pioneers of the technology & a global rollout without brakes on. 



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