Scott Tenorman Must Die

I had asked;
Subject:  can you set this up to create a playlist
wmplayer needs codecs on mine – but I gather they’re a flash type, and my ensuing ignorance is based on principle – it’s media for a media player…. etc…
The reply came;
Subject: Re: can you set this up to create a playlist

I dont think you can make up a playlist of internet shortcuts dude. If you can I dont know how.
So, I responded;
 That kind of figures, but I did mean the targets
When you open a file on the web, you can type the path and it will open [‘stream’] instead of saving it to local storage first….,
  the media player that’s letting you see those links must be running on [- in conjunction with -] the local system.
Some programs even have File>Open URL
 So, it shouldn’t be taking know how at this stage – a playlist is just locations to call files from – it’s the player being ‘selective’ …..
  With this season 5 episode 1 that I’m trying to compile from links;  Even if it was 501a, b & c, and a person with a player that lets the file save to the local system as different filenames e.g. Rod, Jane & Freddy – there’s still the tagged element to track the original content with – which is essentially spyware.   Though if the file is free-to-view providing you are prepared to watch it in short segments – then it’s only a playlist that’s required to make it up into the full length piece – question is, why isn’t it part & parcel of the media playing software installed…? 
Why can’t a compilation be saved as an end of production file (even if it retains separate playlist targets) – users are only going to play/share it in the same way as all other data…, ISPs/servers could track that content and let it’s usage speak for itself, so instead of putting a price on accessibility – the ISP subscription grants access with only proof of age & ID required for certificate classified matter (while paying for ‘quick access subscriber ID’ is another – perhaps the only other – matter….).
…And even that tagging could be removed/edited – such as a station logo that appears in the corner of the screen is constant throughout – the tag would only be saying;
‘[check] any of ‘46800 frames’ in this file displays logo at x,y’   – Editing the sequence 1 pixel L/R, up/down or performing a single pixel edge crop would throw it.
Likewise ‘[check] file is xxx,xxxMb’ would be affected,
So could ‘mm:ss duration’ and so on…
 All the user needs is the editor rather than just the player – and when the editor is cracked so it may remain unregistered and the user anonymous, the potential for media playlists of all known content is limited only by the quantity produced….  
….and [content] which has earned it’s keep even before the director says ‘cut’ or they’re gambling with a frivolous jaunt in mere fiction as to the popularity of anything made for entertainment.  
  It makes for an intense degree of insecurity about it that’s just amounting to an attempt at getting people to pay twice, or more.
The internet should not be where entertainment becomes a slowly drizzled sludge of availability and access privileges – if it’s already been free-to-view and aired, the web is a way of catching up or getting a repeat performance on demand – and which is already paid for, there’s no further cost – people are seeing it as such a lucrative opportunity and then tying themselves up [in a ‘business venture’], when there’s probably someone [possibly directly sickened by all of it trying to be a money-making scheme]  who will cut the tape and publish content in a general format, or just post a list of wares/interests, and service even individual requests.
In essence – tv and the internet are paid for – a show, missed, that can be viewed at any time on the net is already paid for – any attempt at making money through subscriptions to a download site that grants access to episodes as ‘the only legal and above board way to make this content available’ is like taking a person’s head off the shoulders of the body that’s footed the expense of his/her tv & internet, then putting it on the shoulders of another individual who is paying again – someone who is not necessarily in the same frame of mind for viewing the content as an ‘additional purchase’, seeing as it is aired within their original purchase plan….
 It’s the DVD/CD/~ market said to feel the pinch – but [real] fans faithfully go out and buy it…, end of….
It will only be true piracy when the quality of merchandise in the shop-bought product is available elsewhere without purchase – and then, again, the real fans can register their product & with proof of purchase that fully accounts for them buying their [genuine authentic] slice – they’re the only people who were ever going to and trying to stop a free-for-all is creating the climate where the product still survives and supports jobs in the industry it emerges from, and people are choosing either, “hardy interest – faithful integrity” or “preferring a preview”, of which the latter is more or less represented by a terrestrial network airing bar the time after release date of it’s broadcast.

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