is the fabric of space….

…Eternity  (t) is the duration.

    …in finer t² we trust.


e.g. between the earth & moon, there is only space.  Space is the vaccuous empty expanse of nothingness we also refer to as the ‘void‘    ….more the emphasis on “nothingness” though for we are paradoxically saying “nothing” seperates us from other celestial bodies.

1st Qu. is how’s distance physical?

  • In our bid to reach other worlds we have to take ‘distance’ into consideration
  • So, I suggest the developments in e.g. science & technology making it possible are the expertise required for making a cover….   …to cover the distance with.

2nd Qu’s, where’s the jotterpad note I wrote the curry omelette recipe on?

  • [ahem] Thanks for the enlightenment and all that – but I was looking for something else I wrote.

It did get me thinking about e=mc² & t 
–  like matter used for energy requiring the squared coefficient – which is cosmic.
– so if time uses some of the ² (for like the coefficient, it has a pure immaterial property), there’s the chance of a crack…
….elementary midair wormholes, even.



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